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Thanks, I appreciate the response.

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I don't really know where to post this but on the Soulcalibur IV page there is one image that takes up the entire screen.  I downsized the image, but had my request rejected, saying a more detailed description already exists...what?  Maybe they've been drinking too much hemp milk up in the bomb shelter.  Jokes aside I'm just kinda curious why.

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Bungie has stated that the September update will feature major changes to matchmaking and the game.  Anyone want to speculate as to what they might do?  I personally hope they put in more community created forge maps into matchmaking.

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I read some crackpot theory on the Gamespot forums that Anya might be the Locust Queen.  It would make for an interesting twist but to me that theory just sounds ridiculous.

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I'm finding it difficult to consider the song creator gimmicky and tacked on, considering it was the first thing they announced about GHWT when it was first discussed.  Also watch the videos of the song creator demonstration; it appears to have a ridiculous amount of depth that will let some really hardcore gamers create some awesome songs.  So long as everything remains free, it could add a level of replay value Rock Band lacks, but that's just my opinion and I don't really buy DLC.

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how many achievement points would you earn?

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How to you tag an image for removal because it has been put in the wrong game?  There is an image from Mass Effect in the Alone in the Dark gallery.

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If well executed, I think this could make for some fun cop vs runner action, or better yet two teams of runners with conflicting objectives.  Anyone else have any opinions?

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Mine has been and will be Axel Steel.

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I didn't think any had been released, is that something from the first mass effect?