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Driveclub without the Club 0

Driveclub immediately feels like it is missing something as soon as it throws you into the first race. You just begin the game in a car, then you drive the first race with no instructions, and just begins to have you get a feel for the driving. To me, this is a really strange way to start a driving game, because most that I have played begins with someone talking to you, some cutscene, or crazy music, and this doesn't have any of that, just a track full of cars and you needing to drive. That is...

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Fun Shooting, that's it. 2

IntroDestiny starts off very promising, with a floating character flying up to you, resurrecting you from the dead, and telling you that you are a Guardian that has been dead for a very long time. Then, you start to play the game. You wake up in a desert looking section of Old Russia that has burned out cars and sand everywhere, and a giant wall behind them. It looks amazing visually, with the wall looking giant and the lighting of the area showing off the great artwork. You then go into the wa...

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Interesting ideas, but do any of them actually work? 0

I got this game about 2 years ago thinking it will be awesome, then at one point the game froze, it didn't auto save anywhere near where i was and had to do a good 4 hours again. I got to my car, drove to GameStop, and sold it. Well about a week ago i decided i should go back and actually finish the game, and i did, wasn't worth the 3 bucks i paid.  Alright, this game is a survival horror game, where you play as Edward Carnby who has amnesia due to some ritual that probably went by, i don't rem...

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A Fun Experience 0

I recently bought Crysis 2 after playing the first Crysis and been playing since. The game introduces some interesting game mechanics that others do not have, which are all unique but are used together throughout the game in a interesting way which will separate this game from others.  Now in this sequel, instead of being on a crazy lush jungle filled with Koreans, you are in New York, or an urban jungle. eh. A new idea which did work out for them. You start of the game with a great cut scene...

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