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We better not have talk of SimCity.

I think we all heard enough. I rather hear about Anita and Adam Sessler.

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@fredchuckdave: Just goes to show you how messed up the gear, AH, and what-have-you...MP3 is stock Inferno that came out at launch. Everyone can solo that shit with basic gear from the AH now. Builds to get through MP3 is considered shit right now. Let that sink in.

Gear that could get you barely through original Inferno is considered weak as fuck now.

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@mister_v: That is true that anything can happen but if Vettel keeps going at the pace he's going for the next few years...then that kid earned himself some serious shit.

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@mcshank: Y

ou telling me that last season was just as action packed as the seasons before Vettel started driving? How would you feel if NY Giants won the superbowl ever year? This shit gets boring.

We get it, Vettel has beyond human reflexes and timing. Vettel can see shit seconds before it happens. He proved he's the best F1 racer in the history of the sport more than likely. There won't be another Vettel for maybe a decade or two.

Shit, the kid can retire next season and have more on his wall of awards than the majority of drivers.

EDIT: Watch it online. There's sites up that I can't post here because mods get their feelings hurt.

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Punched in the serial code and the game froze on the second mission when the Archangel comes out.

Fuck it. I'm making lunch.

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@twigger89 said:

You do realize that the boondocks is satire right? It is making fun of shit like bros before hoes and other dumb statements like that. I don't understand why you think people who are against misogyny and sexism would be against the humorous attack on those mentalities.

Mah homie, if you ever watched Boondocks you would know this episode touches on what it's like for a black man to be gay to the black community and trying to hide it. It has nothing to do with sexism.

@pr1mus said:

I have neither homies nor hoes at the moment...

Mah homie, and I say that with care and respect. If we could share our love, I would. No homie should be left alone. No homie left behind like our great president said.

@akyho: I put down $100 on this, my only Kickstarter support. It sucks and hurts so bad that Aaron gets so much shit and not the respect when his comic strips and TV series have been amazingly written for years. There isn't a single bad episode of The Boondocks and I can't say the same for South Park, Family Guy, etc.

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@dagbiker: It's only the gaming industry. It's a fucking joke.