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'Bionic Commando.'

I've been trying to remember the title of this game for ages. I used to play it on the NES back in the days, and all I could remember was its music and the fact that it started with a parachute. Pretty hard to find it on Google with these elements only... And here I find it by sheer chance while trying to complete some quests. Well thanks Giant Bomb! I'd probably suck at this game nowadays, but I'm really glad I could finally put a name on those vague memories.

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@Onno10 said:
" This also happens in left 4 dead 2, one is called "great expectorations" and the other is called "spit happens"  http://www.giantbomb.com/left-4-dead-2/61-26782/achievements/ spit happens was the old name for the achievement and it's now impossible for new users to S rank the game :)  NOTE: this is only on the pc version "
I've just noticed that while investigating why GB indicates that L4D2 has 66 achievements when it only has 65. I hope something will be done about it :/
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Really fun when everyone from the two teams go after the Horseman. I hadn't played TF2 for a long time, but now I couldn't resist to get that pumpkin head!