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So much yes to Burnout, Rock Band, and Shadow Complex. These need to happen.

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I mostly name them after my wife and kids, sometimes I use their "evil" names, which are the backwards spellings. For example Morgan turns into Nagrom (Demon Hunters/Magic Users) and Lea Marie turns into Ael Eiram (Fighters/Paladins). Other times I'll use one of their nicknames like Rooster (Rouges/Thieves). In the end it all comes down to feel.

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@alanm26v5: Burnout: Paradise did a ton for asynchronous multiplayer as well as drop-in/drop out multiplayer.

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GT: kariyanine


Launch Games: Ghosts, BF4, AC4, Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3

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PSN ID: kariyanine

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Launch Games: Killzone

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My deepest sympathies go out to you guys and his family. He will be missed.

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@AhmadMetallic: game isn't actually broken, at least no more than the console versions were.

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@SpaceNinjaDino: Seeing as how their patch actually made some things worse, I am not sure that an extra 4-6 weeks would have helped add that much more polish to it.

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Looking back, fashion was a mess but some of my favorite movies (Indy series, Aliens, Empire, Jedi, Willow) and music (Guns N' Roses, Metallica) come from that decade and I love it for that reason.

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Last year I took part in the Extra Life 24 hour video game marathon. For those that don't know Extra Life is a gaming marathon that helps generate donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. When I heard about it last year I knew I had to do it, not so much because I love playing games and this gives me an excuse to play them 24 hours straight, but more so because my youngest daughter had to have life saving surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when she was just six weeks old and as a thank you I want to help pay them back in some way. Extra Life gives me that opportunity.

However my just playing games for 24 hours doesn't help anyone unless I get people to sponsor me by donating money to the charity. There is this scene in Jerry Maguire where Jerry (Tom Cruise) is talking to Rod (Cuba Gooding Jr.) in a locker room trying to convince Rod that he needs to lose the tough guy attitude so that he can actually work out a contract with the Arizona Cardinals. He blatantly asks Rod, “Help me, help you”. Now picture yourself as a half clothed Cuba Gooding Jr. and picture me as a fully clothed Tom Cruise. All of this would of course be circa 1996 so I am not crazy Cruise and you are not Cuba “I appear in bad straight to video thrillers” Gooding Jr. But now envision the scene differently. I’m not there to help you get a contract with the Arizona Cardinals; instead I am here to help you donate money to sick kids. Help me, help you, help them. While Extra Life recommends a donation of a dollar per hour that is not a requirement.

Like last year I will be live streaming my activities on http://tinychat.com/ignbloggers and I'd love for you guys to drop by and keep me company by talking or playing some games with me.

I understand money is tight with everyone but if you can spare a bone, click the link below it would be greatly appreciated.