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 Have a hankering to get your teabagging on tomorrow night?  If so join The Perfectly Sane Show cast tomorrow night as we teabag our way through the planet Reach in Halo: Reach for Tuesday Night Battlefield.  This will be the last Reach themed TNB for the next few weeks so if you want to show off your skills, talk some games/movies/sports, or just plain have a good time with some fellow gamers then enlist for tomorrow night.  As always leave your gamertag down below and I will send you an invite around 9PM EST.

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@Adziboy: I'll be picking it up tomorrow.
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 Ok so not really and do people actually talk like that?  In anycase being a director is something I have always wanted to do and while I am in no position to make feature length films, or even shorts at this time I am able to mess around a bit with Bungie's rendering service on Bungie.net and then edit them together with my video editing software and that is exactly what I did this afternoon.  My first attempt is below.
I had some problems using the free floating camera and ended up using the above the shoulder cam for 99% of it and obviously it is vary amateurish but that is where anyone reading this can come in.  I'm hoping to get better at it and make some interesting and cool clips using Bungie's service.   Does anyone have any tips on how to record, edit and produce video content like this? And does anyone have any expertise in video recording inside Halo (be it 3, ODST or Reach)?

I hope to use the service to record some of Tuesday Night Battlefield (The Perfectly Sane Show community night) and to record the eventual match up between The Perfectly Sane Show and TeaBag Radio in the coming weeks, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey, some people really, really like porn.

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I don't miss it at all.

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I've used Kariyanine since the mid '90s but if I absolutely had to change it I would go with Supreme Fleet Commander Flapjack, yeah that's a mouthful but who wouldn't want to be named Flapjack and hold the rank of Commander of a Supreme Fleet..

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 Last night I did something I haven't done in quite some time, I played split screen multiplayer.  At one point in time this was a regular occurrence for me but as my friends and I have gotten older it happens less and less frequently.  There is something that is special about having your friends in a room as you pass around controllers from one to the other, something that you just don't get when you play with your friends online.

Its funny how we have progressed as gamers though in the past 10-15 years.  When my friends would get together to play games like Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64 we did so on a 13 inch television situated atop the dresser in my bedroom at my parents' house.  Last night we sat down to play Halo: Reach in my living room on my 60 inch television.  The split screen portion for each player last night was bigger than my television at my parents' house.

Its also funny how much has stayed the same.  Those that were good at the games back in the day are still good at the games today, the trash talking is just as bad as ever, people are still looking up porn as we play (although it used to be on my PC but is now on their cell phones), and we still had to tone it down a bit as the night went on although now it was for fear of waking my kids instead of my Mom.

A lot of people grow apart from their childhood friends as they get older and I count myself lucky to have a core group of friends that has been with me for nearly two decades now.  They are the best dudes in the world and I wouldn't exchange them for anyone.  I hope that I can still say this in ten, twenty, thirty years because while it doesn't get to happen as often as I'd like, I enjoy it just as much now as I did in high school.

Special shout out to whoever was the kid who randomly friend requested my friend Reid last night and then endured 40 minutes of me and Andy screaming insanely into the mics ultimately culminating in my telling him to go to bed.  My wife swears our collective IQ drops to just above retardation when we get together to play games like Halo and I think our conversation with you certainly proved that but you were a good sport and for that one has to be grateful.

Anyway go play some games with your friends kids and keep doing it.  It keeps me sane and I'm sure it will do the same for you.  

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Reach, NHL 11, Guitar Hero 5, Metroid Prime and maybe LEGO Harry Potter.

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I have a nice collection of soundtracks ranging from the 90s Square RPGS to stuff like Halo: Reach

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I use Twitter all the time but that is about it.