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I use Twitter all the time but that is about it.

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While the games have very little to do with each other I like that Bungie makes a call back to this fairly obscure title in the narrative of the Reach.  Does anyone know if Oni is mentioned in any of the other Halo games?

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Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies, Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth, iDracula, Monkey Island, Mevo and the Grooveriders, Chaos Rings, Final Fantasy, Uniwar, Drop 7 and MustEatBirds are all favorites of mine.

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@th3spaceman said:
" I agree with you in regard to getting betrayed and you have no option to boot sometimes. More often then not though, my teammate will walk in front of my grenade or something and die and boot me. Awesome. "
This happened to me last night.  My team was down by three, I was rolling in second on my team with 12 kills and a moron with 6 kills jumps in front of me while I am engaged in a firefight with someone and tossing a grenade.  He dies and I got booted.  Did he really think I wanted to kill him?  Damn moron.
In regards to the OP, I'd be all for a forfeit option and maybe moving snipers (and SWAT) to another playlist because I end up playing it way more than any of the regular modes.
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I'm not a fan of Anthrax but I'll probably get the MCR and Doobie Brothers tracks along with the Buckcherry cut.  I just wish they would maybe get some more Buckcherry songs on in the store, "Out of Line" is a good song but they have a ton of better songs that I would prefer to see on the store.

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I make 40K a year, work 22.5 hours a week and am happily married with three kids.  So mine certainly doesn't suck.

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I love multiplayer in games like Halo, CoD, or Battlefield but for everything else it is pretty much just single player for me.

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I generally just double post stuff that I write on my own site to here if it is gaming related or to Screened if it is film related.

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Nier.  Sadly though its been in there for over a month while I play other titles.

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Mine is pretty much the default asI haven't spent any credits yet.