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I just refer to it as the save icon.

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I generally let the first offense go unless it happens at the initial spawn and the guy (or girl) was being an ass in the lobby.  Second offenses I judge on a case by case basis if it was something I should have avoided then my fault, if it wasn't I think a boot is a fair trade off.
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Once upon a time I played Madden and NCAA but at this point its pretty much just NHL and FIFA for me.

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The last couple days I have been focusing pretty heavily on Halo: Reach so I suppose there is no need to change it up just yet.  As some of you know, over the summer I ran an event called Tuesday Night Battlefield, it only lasted a couple weeks but not because of a lack of interest, just a lack of time.  Well its back and guess what game we are going to be playing tomorrow?  If you guessed Plants vs. Zombies you were close.  That's right we will be playing Halo: Reach tomorrow night, starting at 9PM EST with a tentative run time until 11PM EST.  TNB's have run well into the night in the past though so don't worry if you were looking for more play time with everyone.  Everyone from the Perfectly Sane Show except Fozzy (Persian internet doesn't work with XBOX Live) will be participating tomorrow night and we hope to see a good number of you as well.  

So how do you hook up with us?  Well first off leave your gamertag down below so I can add you to my friends list for tomorrow's festivities and if you are already a friend, leave your tag anyway so I know to send you an invite.  We'll try to get as many people with us as the system will allow and if we have to we'll rotate people in and out.

We hope to see some of you tomorrow night for the relaunch of TNB and a scrotum to the face shield.

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@Rockdalf: he's generally met with apathy to his crap and leaves shortly thereafter.  People that are just in it to get a rise out of people quickly look for other prey if the cats they are messing with ignore him/her.
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@Sir_Ragnarok: it did on Tuesday when it launched but since then I haven't had any problems with delay getting into games.
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@KingWilly said:
" PROTIP: set your "tone" preference to polite.  Seriously, it works. "
It really does, the only problem I've run into is when I'm playing in a friend's party with different preferences.
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I'm really enjoying the new Slash album, Eminem's Recovery and Disturbed's Asylum

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@Tanpreet said:
" @nintendoeats said:
"I just don't like the idea of Sony having the power to cripple my console. "
 And Microsoft doesn't? "
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@C2C said:
" @hack745:  I am going to address each point you raised individually. 
1.) Used game sales. 
This in itself is not bad.  The underling problem here is the discrepancy between what a person trading a game gets, and what Gamestop sells it for. A person that actually pays attention to this discrepancy feels pretty rotten and feels cheated. 
2.) GameStop hires for a sales position with little emphasis on game knowledge. 
While a typical consumer won't have an issue with this, a working knowledge of games should be part of the job description.  The best example is the Persona 4 case raised earlier in this thread.  A person who has working knowledge of games in general would know to look under Shin Megami Tensei for Persona 4.  Again this is only a problem with somewhat obscure games. 
3.) Pre-Orders 
While this is by and large not a problem, digital content is sometimes split between several retail companies. This causes a person to potentially have to pre-order and buy several copies of a game to get the full experience.  This is more of a problem with the retail market for games than GameStop specifically. There is also the issue of lost pre-orders due to employees entering wrong information, this results in that employee possibly receiving corrective action.  
4.) Gamers are not entitled to be treated to special treatment  Now this point is the BIG reason why there is a lot of hate for GameStop specifically.  Because of the high sales orientation Gamestop has, it trickles down do employees to think like this.  GS employees usually do not think of customers in terms of the customer's needs. GS employees usually think in terms of selling the usual subscription/pre-orders above everything else. This makes a customer feel as if they're being treated like "potential subscription" instead of an actual customer.  This is really not the fault of the employee and more of the way GameStop trains them.  TL;DR:  Gamestop employees usualyl treat customers like numbers instead of catering to specific needs.  That is where all the hate come from.     "
1. There are other avenues for people who want to sell their games.  If they feel cheated by GS they should look into them.  Its not the fault of the company that they are trying to make a profit even if it is at the expense of their customers.
2. As someone who has worked retail management in the past this is something that management probably wants but a lot of the time cannot get.  Being as entry level retail jobs are for meager wages (and by all accounts it is the same at GS) expecting them to have employees with a strong knowledge of games is not something that is going to happen all the time, if ever.
3. As you said this is not specifically a GS problem, it spans across the board to all retail chains.  I've had my pre-orders "lost" at big box retailers as well as at GS.
4. GS employees treat customers like numbers because ultimately GS employees are treated like numbers.  Their performance and ultimate job security comes from subs and pre-orders.  The good sales people work around this and mask the fact that you are just a number but you are always going to run into people like the 16 year old kid who is not a seasoned sales vet and is afraid they are going to lose their job if they don't get the  sub / pre-order.  However this isn't the only company that operates in this fashion, Waldenbooks (now knows pretty much as Borders) used the same model as does the shoe store Famous Footwear.  
I'm not disagreeing that GS can't do things better but these issues are general retail sales issues, GS just gets the spotlight put on them because they are the primary retailer for games.