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Sometimes but it is very very rare and the reviews have to be like unanimously good. Shadows of Mordor is the only game I have bought off reviews this year.

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Gaming writer: "What do you honestly expect from games journalism? Do you expect us to bend to your will?"

Guy on Twitter: "haha. No, Games Journalism, I expect you to die!"

It's a joke.

It is also a good joke, I know I laughed.

What do I expect from games journalism? 1: To stop taking itself so seriously, it is about games not terrorist attacks in Iran. 2: To be a bunch of people writing their opinions about games. 3: To get back to the basics of reviewing based on one question.... "Did I have fun playing this game and enjoy playing it?" Cause if I am not going to have fun playing a game it isn't worth playing regardless of it's social message, politics, or revolutionary whatever.

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Is it wrong that I only stuck with this thread for the cute dog pictures? I hope not.

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Jeez. This and Shadow of Mordor are kinda annoying me. Not because it's too crazy, but because for what these games look like. I don't want to believe it's laziness, but these are not crazy simulations to require i7, and unless they are doing some insane textures for Evil Within, who need 4gb of video ram? Is it just optimized badly?

Don't buy it, Mordor's recommended specs are pure BS. 3gb of Vram was plenty for everything that game pushed at 1080p but it said you would need 8. Evil says "670 or better with 4GB Vram" but most 670's didn't have but 2GB Vram and the card is so old it is no longer in production. These specs are just overblown, either that, or their port is beyond horrendous because their pc specs blow the PS4 out of the water and it runs fine on the PS4.

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@karkarov: Ehhhh. They didn't provide enough of the right kind of information, though. They were pretty flavorless. That's realistic on some level, but not very fun to read. Or very scary.

You say that like most video game writing would win a Pulitzer or something. I am not saying your writing was great, I am just saying it isn't as god awful are you are making it out to be.

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It's not too late to change the title of this blog to "Kiefer Madness".

This is a must, it has to be done.

That said, I thought he did fine in Ground Zeroes. Keifer is very well suited to the part and character, while he is no voice actor let's also not all pretend that being a voice actor is somehow harder than being an actual actor. Most of the key differences just come down to voice control since in the booth you don't have expression and body language helping you along.

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Your writing really wasn't that bad. Was it great? No. But it sounded like journals someone wrote. Most people when writing their journals don't jot down stuff that makes Prost look like a third grader. You should give yourself a lot more credit.

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@corevi said:

The 6GB on Shadow of Mordor Ultra textures is blown out of proportion. It works perfectly on a 3GB card at 1080p but you won't notice a difference unless you are running 4K.

Yeah I just put in my 970 GTX today and decided to use Mordor to test it myself. My old card could not handle the ultra textures with everything else maxed, well it could, just not very well. Give it some credit it is also 3 years old and out of production :P. Bear in mind I do a ton of video recording and I do play at 1080p because of it. That also means I don't consider it a real test unless I am also recording while I am checking it. The 970 today, with all settings maxed, even with crap tastic vsync on, never went below 60fps while recording with the ultra textures.

Nuff said.

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To get me to buy a Wii U all they have to do is step up their progress and release the new Xeno game stateside.