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The other bug is related to the weather. Immediately after finishing the first quest after the prologue, it started raining. I don't know if it's because the village, Heatherton, was frozen, but the rain droplets initially didn't appear. I had to restart the game for the rain to show properly, but whenever I reloaded my save, the rain went away again.

Yeah I see that one happen a lot myself. It is sort of weird but easy to fix.

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I finally met Triss, but i have no clue why she is pissed at Geralt. Got every decision from the first game towards her, especially the one in the final act of TW2, and now the two are talking about anger/reconciling, about how 6 months before (so Loc Muinne) they decided they should stay friends...what the???

Spoilers sort of...

If you read the books much of what happens in the games only flies because "I have amnesia". Geralt in books only had a one night stand with Triss and regretted it later, at many points in the books rebuffing her. In all honesty she isn't even a major character per se and in the books she is definitely second fiddle to Yennefer who not only has Geralts affection but is also the older, more experienced, more powerful sorceress. Zoltan Chivay honestly gets more feature time in the books, not to mention Dandelion, Yennefer, Ciri, some characters who never even appear in the games due to reasons... Her presence in the games is just massively overplayed and I think it is purely because someone at CDPR loves her character or something. Suffice it to say from a "cannon" perspective once Geralt gets his memory back he has absolutely no reason to pursue a relationship with Triss, the game doesn't sell it well at all but in the books he legit only has feelings for Yennefer.

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You have to be getting a bug because I have definitely seen people go inside during the rain, go to bed at night, go in the taverns, etc etc. Also the sun really does start rising at like 3:30 am in game, so it isn't unusual for people to get up with the sunrise.

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@ravenx302 said:

I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and it took a bit to realize you can tap, tap, tap everyone all the time..

Exactly, that's why I said you "dance" around everyone. Every fight so far comes down to dodging as they swing while trying to flank/slash them, which is repetitive and not very fun to me. Them varying it up more would be nice, beyond boss fights. A bigger armored knight where it's 1 vs 1 would be cool, not everything needs to be 1 vs 4+.

It is all up to you though. You don't HAVE to fight that way. You could use Yrden to slow and move around, you could use Aard to knock guys down, you could use Axii to stun them. You don't have to Quen, tap tap, run, repeat unless you want to.

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It was better than I thought it would be but don't expect some thematic tour de force of plot or anything. Clooney tries to carry it as best he can, as does the dude from House, and the little girl is actually really good considering.... but it is a disney movie. So it isn't going to be "challenging" or really thought provoking. The effects are solid though and it isn't totally dislikable, it just isn't super good either. It is thoroughly "okay". It is good enough that if you have kids to take or something as an adult you won't like feel the need to rip your eyes out.

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I really like Inquisition as my game of the year list from last year shows. But Witcher 3 is still better.

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@theht said:

Mads Mikkelsen

The only answer that is valid right here. Well played.

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@loafsmooch I don't mind timed quests at all (e.g. I'm a huge Dead Rising fan.), but I want to know if a quest is timed or not. 90% of the time in this game you actually do get a note in the questlog, when something is actually timed, but apparently there are a few were you don't get notified and that just sucks. How would you ever know what quest to prioritize if things are so "random" like that.

Only quest I got that I know was timed was obvious. The NPC said it had to be done at a specific time, and Geralt outright said "we will have to do this tonight for any chance of success". Making it pretty clear I had to do the quest that night at the given time.

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Just noticed that one of the quests failed for me, without any indication as to why and when. It's the one about a lady who's chicken got stolen, so beware, you might have to do that one immediately.

Anyone else notice some timed quests? Really hate shit like that, since I don't want to miss out on anything. (I know it's impossible for one playthrough anyway, but still.)

Not timed quests per se but if you run into a caged person and you don't do it IMMEDIATELY when you come back they might be dead or gone sold into slavery or something.

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I am pretty sure that is an abandoned area.... at least it is awfully close to where an abandoned area was in my game. It also most definitely was not underground.