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Uh Dark Souls 1 is by far the cheapest of all the Souls games. Like I have said on this forum many times I don't recall Dark Souls 2 relying on passages that were paper thin in multiple locations, invisible walkways, archers firing lances from so far away they wouldn't even load on screen, or ass loads of lava being patrolled by dinosaurs that one or two shot you. If I had to rate all the souls games up to this point Dark Souls 2 would not be the one on the bottom and the vast majority of it's critiques are coming from gaming hipsters who say Dark Souls 1 is the greatest because it is popular to do so while they also can't be bothered to even try Demon's Souls to begin with.

Long story short. Dark Souls 2 is a great game. If you liked Dark Souls 1 or Demon's Souls you will like it. Unless of course an illogical map layout is your idea of a make of break game feature.

And PS: The guy who made that video is the last person you should talk to about anything relating to a Souls game.

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Can't say I have... but I would ask a mod to close one of the threads since it seems you double posted the question.

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So you just want your hair shorter? Just tell them you only want a trim and to leave your hair the same and just cut it back a bit. They can handle that, or they aren't worth a flip as a barber.

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If you don't mind the old school 16bit I would go with FF6 or FFVI whatever you want to call it. 9 is loved on this site for some reason but it is beyond skippable, as are 8, 13, and 1-3. 4, 5 (sorta), 6, 7, 10, and 12 are the best in the series.

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Yeah that theory was always nonsense. Chico is a dude. Quiet definitely is NOT a guy. People saying he was traumatized from the events with Paz are all making stuff up, he talks just fine during Ground Zeroes. They have already released scenes too where no one knows who Quiet is, and some of them (like Miller) just call her She or Her. Miller would recognize Chico. Also I am not sure the timelines even match up, I think Chico would be older than her at the point the story takes place.

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I'll renew it when a show that interests me/Diamond is Unbreakable starts up. There's plenty of anime on Netflix I haven't seen yet so why should I keep a subscription for something I'm not gonna use?

I was just kinda being silly but in all seriousness if you do like anime Netflix is not what you want. Other than Knights of Sidonia all Netflix has is last years Funimation shows. So if a person is an "anime" fan they really should go with Crunchyroll, Funimation, or both which is surprisingly cheaper than you might imagine especially if you are okay with subs as sub only viewers pay less on Funimation.

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Nope, just Netflix and Crunchyroll. Will probably cancel Crunchyroll once Jojo's is over as well.

You are a terrible person. That said if they keep making JoJo and advance into the new stories past Stardust Crusaders it will literally be years before you cancel.

That said. I have some variety of cable... I also happen to get it for a heinous discount due to reasons. If it were just me and no one else in the home had a say, plus I weren't getting that heinous discount, I would just be using internet based sub services as well.

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Hahahaha ah yes the memories of my first Jaggi battle all those years ago! Don't worry you still got plenty of those moments. Like when you fight a Kut Ku, a Kecha Wacha, Rathalos, a Ludroth (actually are Ludroth in 4? not sure), Gore, and a whole slew of other giant SOB's who will probably 2 shot kill you.

JJ is right, get your first real armor set crafted as soon as you can! The Jaggi set is where we all started for a reason! There will be plenty of chances to make new gear coming up too!

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I'm also super excited by the rumored prospect that (End game Demons Souls spoilers, possibly Bloodborne early game/some point in time spoilers?) It's possible that Bloodborne is a storyline sequel to Demons Souls, someone came up with a good theory that your character helping the Maiden lull the old one back to sleep at the end of Demons Souls is what got rid of a lot of the magic/soul arts of the world so that's why in Bloodborne everything looks less reliant on magic and more reliant on human technology, apparently someone who got to see some previews also found someone in game doing an "Umbasa' prayer. So if that's all true that's really cool, if they make a whole new world/lore that's great as well but if they built off of Demons Souls stuff that's really cool, especially given how big your Demons characters role was in everything.

Where did you hear this rumor? It wouldn't "shock" me per se, especially since the cannon ending of Demon's is what you describe. However I could see a character making that prayer more as a callback/easter egg and it not really meaning anything. Sort of how every From Software game has the Moonlight Sword in it, even though it was only important / mattered to the lore of King's Field.