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@honkalot said:

Do you get Queen reputation with those special missions too, or are they strictly for loot?

Regardless I am only 22 now so might not get to check them out until next week most likely.

And I do indeed want me some shaders.

Yeah like @zeik said, there is no rep for the special missions. I guess the missions giving you a 100% shot at a legend chest or helm is enough reward from bungies view.

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@karkarov: How do you know what he is going to sell next week? Is there some source info, if there is can you link please it would be super helpful.

:P!!! I don't. Shadow Price is an auto rifle you can buy off the vanguard weapons dealer in the docking bay. I said "next week" because next week will be when I have enough tokens to buy it, I am going to be just a few short after I max out this week. Sorry for the miscommunication on that one.

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@seemah said:

Can a level 21 get through this at all?

solo? no, no freaking way your screwed. but if you got a couple of people to help you maybe. i mean i would say lvl 24min and then take it very slow because its fairly hard.

Yeah at 21 you aren't going to solo it. You need to be at least 24+ and pay attention to the bonuses. If you get solar burn, arc burn, or void burn you just need to use one of those elements on your heavy and special weapons and you will tear the worst mobs apart. I actually one shot a Fallen Captain with a close range fusion rifle shot that did arc damage during a arc burn mission.


Has anyone who abandoned one of these missions after you started it noticed if you lose the mission token? I already had to kill Draksis twice and that is a llllllong mission solo. Give me some cosmodrome love!!! Two: Has anyone gotten anything other than a chest or helmet? Not that I mind them, the Helmet is actually really solid in my opinion as I love using nades and it was the last non legend or better slot I had.

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On the other hand both the heavy weapon and a secondary exotics i've tried so far have been very useful if not bordering on overpowered. Gjallarhorn for example is not just a great rocket launcher that's good for crowds but is also excellent on heavier single targets, as it's sub munitions home in on anything left after the explosion allowing reliable cleanup on groups or for devastating damage on bosses or heavies, a 2 rocket clip and good secondary upgrades. The Ice Breaker sniper rifle is just ridiculous imo, it's heavier damage then other sniper rifles, I was critting over 2k with it compared to the usual 1.2-1.6k of other legendary sniper rifles and that makes a huge difference on tougher enemies actually getting headshotted rather then just shrugging of your entire sniper rifle clip to the head, a clip of 6 (that really gets to 7-8 by the time you empty it) is again a godsend for a sniper and finally ammo regen, meaning you are never in danger of running out or needing to scrounge rounds during bosses and that's just it's vanilla version without the upgrades.

I don't have any exotic special or heavy weapons but I have found the legendaries there are also big steps up from the rares.... and like you said primary weapons seem paltry in power by comparison in so far as the power gain by rarity type. I have bounties for Thorn and Bad Juju but I am much more excited about having the marks next week to pick up Shadow Price (legend auto rifle) off the Vanguard Vendor.

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@azrailx said:

@planetfunksquad: they are actually pretty quick

though you do get good gear in crucible sometimes, my only exotic is cruicible

In all honesty other than unlocking the exploration maps there is no long term reason to do the story. There are tons of faster ways to level that will also help you grind the reps you need at 20 on your way to 20. Story missions just give you exp and some items you could get as random drops anyway. You don't even need to unlock the strikes to get them in the vanguard strike roulette. I guess for those who want to do the story mission bounties there is that but I normally find it far faster and easier to just go grind some easy "kill a bunch of dudes" patrols for rep.

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@pyrodactyl said:

Huh? I'm on that one and what's insane? First 2-3 steps are super easy. I'm already almost halfway through the PvP step in like 5-7 games. I should be done with that in 7-10 games. The last step could be hard but I'm sure I can find 2 duders at level 26 who can help me with fending off 13 billion wizards while phogoth is trying to blow our faces off. Should be fun.

By comparison, doing 25 strikes sounds terrible.

I would rather run 50 strikes than do crucible long enough to do the void kill thing. Yes it gets monotonous doing the same 6 strikes over and over, but the base gameplay is fun enough. However if you don't like one shot you die oops the warlock/titan supered you die even if you shoot first mechanics of pvp (and I don't) then even one crucible match is a lesson in frustration and irritation. That and the level 26 strike you have to do is a major pain because it requires more than just three level 26 guys, they have to be good players, and be willing to follow strats for fights you would normally not need any particular strat for.

Honestly I think exotic weapons in general are maybe a bit over rated. There are plenty of legendary guns you can pound out marks for that may do less damage on paper but could have much better options that work better for you.

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Nah, I got the Bad Juju bounty. Low impact, low ammo, that thing does so little damage, has significant recoil and runs dry faster then it takes you to say "runs dry", it also has an incredibly distracting visual effect.

Full auto on pulse rifles is pointless imo, as it is not proper full auto just automatic 3 round bursts.

EDIT: (ooops my bad i misread fusion rifle as pulse rifle)

Look on the bright side Ten, you can actually get the bounty repeatedly so you will get another shot at a different one. The one for Thorn (it requires killing phogoth) is insane in it's requirements though.

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Oh and just as an aside, yeah, the exotic engram is a 100% chance exotic. Just the class is random and again, you can only have 1 exotic armor at a time.

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@makari said:

They won't change the way the Cryptarch works. The materials and currencies are worth more than purple gear, save for weapons. People cry endlessly about getting Ascendant Motes and such but you need a metric ton of them to upgrade your gear to get past the Light ceiling. Purple gear is much easier to acquire in comparison, it is on vendors.

This is true. In fact if you grind both crucible and vanguard you can have all purple armor in two weeks.

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Actually this is going to sound silly but I noticed it as well and after experimenting think I know why the damage differs, as it isn't ability related or "precise" damage. I think when you are sprinting and hit an enemy with a melee attack it gets bonus damage from the "force" of your sprint. Testing on level 2-3 vandals I just noticed if I sprint and hit them with melee they go down in one hit, but when I do not sprint they survive with a sliver of health.