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My partner and I spent the past three or four months playing through Borderlands 2 and dang are we super excited for the Pre-Sequel!

We were originally looking forward to Destiny but from what everyone's been saying, it wouldn't be for us. So now our hopes are on Borderlands being amazing and giving us the same amount of enjoyment we got from the second game. From what I've seen of it (long gameplay demos showcasing each class) it's shaping up to be just as good, or better, than its predecessor. Anyone else following it or at least interested? I was honestly super surprised that there was only one other forum topic about the Pre-Sequel.

Well everyone saying that is frankly wrong, Destiny does everything Borderlands 2 did that was good. AKA: A multiplayer shooter that is fun with friends. Only borderlands is less demanding in general until you get to the high end difficulties, looks a lot worse on screen, plays more like diablo, and has slightly better class functions but I mean slight.

That said no one cares about Borderlands the pre sequel because you may as well call it Borderlands 2: The Gravity mod. It is literally borderlands 2 just with 4 slightly different classes (they even use the same body models/frames), a couple new gun types, and gravity/oxygen meter. It should be an expansion not a new game at full retail.

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I've decided that I'm now done with the game. I've cleared every mission and hit level 20, and now I've hit this really dull period of stagnation. I think the loot in the game has been consistently boring throughout, but after doing many strikes, playing a bunch of multiplayer matches, and running around in Patrol for a few hours (all at max level) I have yet to find a gun or piece of armor that isn't remarkably worse compared to what I'm using now. I've even been finding armor that have Light bonuses, which don't come into play until you hit level 20, but that also have ridiculously small defense ratings, so they're worthless.

I am glad you have a magic loot table or got all epics before hitting 20 somehow because every blue that has dropped once I hit 20 had higher base defense than the base defense of the greens I had and higher max defense once upgraded. It wasn't even close actually. You will be the only player in the game with this problem I wager.

The game is not an mmo, it is not a pure shooter, it is a drop in drop out co op based FPS/RPG. If you are playing alone and having no fun... well, hate to tell you, it isn't meant to be played alone. As for the story stuff, uh one video said that? Okay. I haven't seen them say that in any recent video. Every video they have released in the month leading up to the game focussed on co op gameplay and shooting crap. Which is what the game is really good at.

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Anyone reviewing the game right now is an idiot and their opinion can be ignored. Raiding isn't in yet, most people aren't 20, I have not seen anyone over level 24, I could count the number of people I have seen with epics on two hands. You shouldn't review if you haven't experienced everything (or at least tried it and failed) and I have put 20 hours in this game already and I would not want to write a review yet.

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Great preview. I was on the edge of buying Destiny, but hearing that the story and narrative is just a bunch of Bungie mumbo-jumbo is very disappointing.

I said this elsewhere, but...are people really buying Destiny for the story? Really? That just seems silly to me.

Quoting for the really hard core truth. This game is stupidly fun especially with friends. There is some more story exposition but it doesn't really do anything interesting until Venus. That said who cares? Some games you play for the great narrative and plot, some games it is just there but it isn't the focus. Destiny is one of the latter, it is about joining up with friends, having fun, and enjoying the gameplay/challenge of the missions and different enemies. Some of which are crazy tough to beat.

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@adam1808: Dude it isn't filler at all. It is one of the fastest ways to level and grind out resources if you need them. It is also your primary means of grinding vanguard rep.

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Spinmetal is gotten from random plants around maps that glow silver. You can also get them from a certain exploration mission (I think assassination?).

You get extra reputation with a specific faction/vendor by using their gear when participating in the Crucible and I think doing bounties.

All this info is a bit hazy though since it's from the beta.

It would be super great if they explained that more explicitly. I've been avoiding doing patrols at all costs because I think they're incredibly boring, so maybe I would have picked that up if I was doing more of them.

Bounties and Patrols are basically the equivalent to Diablo 3's Adventure Mode. It's an easier way of levelling new characters and is how you prepare for the end game.

Someone needs to write to Bungie and tell them to take a closer look at Adventure Mode then.

Uh it is specifically called "Explore" Mode (unless they changed that for some reason) and all the missions you do give you vanguard rep unless you are wearing a faction class item then they give you rep with that faction. The only ones that give you spinmetal and big rep/exp are the assassination missions. All other mission types do not give resources and give less exp and faction rep.

Coincidentally Spinmetal is just the Old Russia material. The Moon material is called Helium Coils.

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Good blog post, well said. Games are just a hobby really, but people should remember that it is your hobbies you talk about and share with your friends. Loss happens to everyone, but what is important is the memories of those times you had with them and those shared moments.

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First game I bought on Steam? Hilariously enough.... Risen 1. I am probably the only one who can say that :P

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Yeah seriously, you can get some free versions of Beweled or something. Or just pay like 5 bucks and own it :P. You can also get good versions of Tetris really cheap.

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Yeah basically the embargo lifts literally on release day. It isn't that there "is an embargo" they just aren't going to bring the game online until official release so it won't be playable until then.