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Sorry to say, but you are wrong on all four counts. And note that I have completed this game several times over on PS3 and never once received any kind of warning that my weapon was at risk unless I'd skipped a bonfire for some reason. Now I'm playing on PC in pretty much exactly the same way and I'm making it maybe two-thirds to three-quarters of the way to the boss in No-Man's Wharf before the warning comes up. So you can see why I don't think any of your suggestions account for this.

I don't even mind being forced to play with stricter limits as long as they make sense. I never heard of a sword that breaks completely after killing 15-20 enemies. That's just ridiculous. And not particularly fun, as far as gameplay mechanics go.

I don't know what to tell you dude other than that I am playing on PC and don't have the issue. I am normally running high forty's to mid fifties fps while recording too.

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Not a question. PQ is where it is at. Persona is an RPG series, not a fighting game series. I am sure Ultimax is fine but I will get my Persona fix the traditional way.

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@alexboisot: uh what? I have a full let's play up on youtube where I am all the way to the Dragon Aerie at this point and I have been using a dura 20 shield almost the whole game. I have only ever felt the need to use a repair powder once. That didn't even happen until Draengleic castle. I never had an actual broken item until I ran into the gear breaking fog mushrooms in shrine of amana. If repairs are that big a problem for you then you are doing one of a few things.

1: You aren't stopping and resting at bonfires for some reason.
2: You are using nothing but incredibly low dura weapons and not using dura protecting rings to offset this.
3: You are not playing carefully enough and are chipping your dura away with unnecessary wall hits, ghost bit attacks, or just sloppy play in general.
4: Probably the most likely... You have weapons that either aren't upgraded well, are terrible for the area you are using them, or you don't have the build to support them.

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How do you explain the rising sales of vinyl music?

Hell if I know. I still don't know how people even play the music they buy on vinyl. And I know somebody who owns a vinyl record.

Wait a second, what's Valkyria Chronicles doing at the butt end of that shelf? Are you just throwing DVDs and what have you all helter-skelter across your shelf? Show some pride. Alphabetize, son!

Uh ... I own a vinyl record player. I imagine that's how other dudes do it too. Also yes, my debut album of the Beatles on vinyl sounds better than a digital version, suck it!

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Wait... that book is worth 200? Are you kidding me?

*goes off to sell his on ebay*

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@photomic said:

@karkarov: Normally, I'd say the same, but I've been itching for a time sink before I go back to university in two months and WoW seems as good as any after Dark Souls II

I would advise picking any MMO over WoW. Wildstar, The Secret World, FF14, I don't even like Guild Wars 2 and I would tell you to pick Guild Wars 2 over WoW. World of Warcraft is the lowest common denominator and most derivative MMO on the market, the fact that it is the most popular has nothing to do with it actually being good. Millions watch Honey Boo Boo, but does that actually make it good tv? No.

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@photomic: Itch to return to World of Warcraft? Let me think.... No. Hell no.

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MMO? Has to be free 100%?

Uh you are gating yourself from the best MMO's but okay

I advise Champion's Online (like many others said) it is a very cool game with a neat approach, plays awesome on a controller with the right set up, and has insane levels of character customization. The Secret World (if it is free to download now anyway) is also a great pic. It has insanely refreshing questing that actually requires thinking, a neat storyline, great atmosphere, nice customization options, and like Champions is a classless system that lets you really experiment with a character. Guild Wars 2 is okay for a couple months I guess but I burned out on it fast, despite hype it offers nothing you haven't seen and done before in the mmo's you have already listed as played.

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@corruptedevil: Oh don't get me wrong, warlocks are very solid in PVP. PVE too for that matter, though I feel the dichotomy is reversed there, but I never worried about looking down my scope at a choke point and seeing a warlock. One sniper shot center mass, a couple close range shotgun hits, or two melees they are done. Titan's? Not so much. In fact I would say of the three classes I had more Warlock kills than any other.

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After playing lots more pvp this time I will throw this out there....

Titan's are the king of PVP. Especially non normalized PVP. Their punch is fully capable of one shot kills (regardless of criting) not so with hunter and warlock. Their fist of havoc will one shot kill, it's aoe is huge, and can be done from mid air. Their grenade is more useful in a pvp situation for it's blind than all but the hunter tripmine one. They also have the highest armor, in circle of iron games I actually saw a titan take a sniper shot to the chest and not go down... hunter and warlock? I could have hit them in the ankle and that would have been enough They are just beastly in pvp.

Strangely I main a Hunter and I find them the weakest pvp class by far. Yes they move faster... but the golden gun sucks in pvp. You still have to shoot it, I have seen other players (only titans) survive one hit of it in rare cases, and unlike every other super you need to be precise with the shot it isn't an aoe. Also the knife when thrown can one hit kill.... but only if it lands as a precise hit. Getting a precise hit with the throwing knife in pvp is a lot easier said than done. The only places they shine is they simply are faster and more mobile than the other classes, and their generic nade and tripmine nade are very good. The seeking nade blows though, don't waste your time with it.