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@bbalpert said:

There is a thing that says RN or ML, which I guess is "ranged" and "melee"? I suppose I should just try a few different moves with different characters from both rows and see what happens.

Well bear in mind the game itself also says Aigis is best used in the back row and her persona is all physical attacks. Think about it :P. Zen's curse attack which is also a melee move can be used from the back row.

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@zamolxes: The picture display will be fine either way. In the case of true SD channels you would see letterboxing (the black bars) on the left and right of the screen but any modern HD TV should be able to have stretch and format options to make the screen fit without bars regardless of the picture format. Anything in 16x9 or other common widescreen formats will look fine whether it is HD or not.

One word of warning. It is sort of weird and may freak you out but to some people SD looks worse on a HD screen than it does on a SD one. The reason being is on a HD screen you can really see all the imperfections from the lower resolution and it can look really blurry. On an old SD TV the pixels were large and created defined hard edges so it sort of compensated to hide that effect. It is very much a personal taste/touch and go thing, some people can see it and it bothers them others cant. I figured I would just throw out the fair warning though.

TV is heinously expensive in the US if you want "everything", the bombcast guys probably have HBO, Showtime, cutting edge dvr's, sports packages, blah blah blah. If all you want is basic cable you could easily get it for like 50-60 bucks if you are okay with only one tv.

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All channels are now broadcast in HD in the US. It was a government mandate, that's why his SD channels are in widescreen. The other question is harder to answer and in all honesty as someone who lets say.... is an expert in this particular question... I will advise you thus. Keep the satellite tv.

Why? Few reasons.

  1. Internet TV as you are calling it requires having multiple subscriptions to lots of different services if you REALLY want to get everything a simple high value channel package can from a cable company.
  2. Some things believe it or not, still require subscription to some kind of TV package if you want to watch them online.
  3. Not everything you can get on normal TV is even available on the internet but the same goes in reverse to.
  4. The big dog reason. If you dad can't figure out SD versus HD do you honestly think he is the kind of guy who likes change? Changing his TV is one thing, changing his entire TV access method is a whole new ball game. Even if it would be better for him he probably won't be interested in dealing with the hassle of switching.

Last thing, who is your satellite provider? I bet you good money there are ways he can get his HD for free and you just don't know what they are.

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Wow sucks for you guys, there were tons of offers and deals for it if you knew where to look in the US. I got it for 40 plain old US dollars. If you liked Dead Island it is a must buy, and it is worth looking at for everyone. I didn't even like Dead Island and I like this game because it fixes Dead Islands biggest problem, lack of mobility and slow player movement.

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They aren't effected. Persona skills are always considered "ranged" attacks regardless of what they actually do. Bear in mind some physical skills may not be able to hit the back row in the first place, but that is a restriction on the skill not the skill user. Tons of persona physicals do "piercing" effects though which mean they hit the front row then a target in the back.

Also, yes, Zen uses a crossbow so he is ranged. He is also possibly a contender for hardest hitting straight physical attacker in the game which is all kinds of funny.

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@sterling said:

@slag: Well if there is a single player, offline mode with pawns, then I might give it a shot.

Damn straight that is a little confidence booster at least. I also like the Sony backing there as it means Dogma may get some more legs under it than it had with just Capcom.

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Well hopefully he doesn't need to talk to his team between matches but I gotta be honest, it is a good way to get some activity in while waiting on queues and round timers.

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@theht said:

@slag: Gameplay and characters look straight out of Dragon's Dogma. Great!

Gonna keep an eye on this thing. Apparently it isn't officially confirmed for the west? That's a bit disconcerting.

I concur the game play looks the same. That being said it still appears to be a F2P MMO. Maybe if they release an offline version where the mobs don't have HP bloat?

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I don't know my FPS is fine and I just run the stock advised settings from nvidia. That said my pc is pretty high spec. Problem I am having is this god awful static interference thing on my audio after I play for about a half hour. It causes tons of glitches in spoken dialog, and this constant non stop distorted sound over everything. Like listening to someone scratch a chalkboard only it never stops. I have to cancel all the way out and reboot to get rid of it. Way worse than any graphical issues so far.

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.... I literally loved Dragon's Dogma so much I named it my game of the year two years in a row. I bought it like 3 times. Reading this announcement I feel like capcom just shot me in the gut and left me to die in a gutter. Seriously? A FTP microtransaction driven MMO? This is the exact opposite of what they should have done with Dogma. They should have fleshed out the game world, added a new region or two to explore, refined the combat a bit, maybe added some new classes, brought out the story more, and refined pawns a bit more. Instead we get a PSO look alike.

Life sucks. Or to put it in more traditional Dogma terminology. We are no longer flying into free, we are flying into shit.