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@sterling: Again as an aside not totally true. There are two companions whose card only changes if you romance them regardless of if you become their friend or not. There is also a post game event that can change some companion cards but who cares about post game, by then it is too late :P.

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Did you run around with her and Blackwall? He treats her with exactly that preconception and she keeps making him look like a fool. It's glorious.

Actually not exactly, it start because he sees her take a hit in a fight and he asks if she is okay then she proceeds to mock him for asking implying reverse discrimination when he was basically just being a nice guy. If you get to their later conversations he eventually just says something like "Whatever it was you hate me for doing I apologize, but if that isn't good enough you will have to sod off."

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Luckily enough that's the one glitch I didn't encounter!

It was a funny glitch. It actually only effected you if you changed your characters voice to be different from the default selection. If you used the voice your character defaulted to then you could customize Hawke to your hearts content right out the gate.

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Uh people say look at the cards but no don't, they aren't an accurate judge. Why? Well for one there are two characters (I won't name for spoiler reasons) who you can most certainly do all their quests and be their "friend" but their tarot cards never change UNLESS you actually engage them as your love interest. Some characters can also get their Tarot swaps really really early without even needing to get along with them all that much. I didn't make a ton of pro Sera choices for example but she was the second person who got a Tarot switch for me.

Just play the game the way you want, do all the "inner circle" missions, and remember it isn't just companions. Pretty sure the advisers count too.

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Seems like a lot of the people having problems with the game are playing it on PS4. On PC I only ever crashed one time, other than that there was just the "don't customize Hawke" catch 22 which they patched, and the occasional geometry thing maybe once in awhile.

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Sounds like you had a good time with it. Honestly I think Sera is probably the most actively disliked character. Vivienne is actually not a "bad" person or anything she is just very blunt and talks down to people quite a bit. If you get to know her part of her past and situation is actually pretty pitiable. Course I wouldn't tell her that :P. I also find her one of the more surprising characters because considering how she just lets everything just hang out you would think she would be one of the romance options (since this is how it is in most Bioware games) but she wants nothing to do with you on that front.

It sounds like you didn't want more challenge in the game to be honest. Truthfully normal is easy, hard and especially nightmare though have plenty of challenge. As little as a 3 level advantage is basically a run or die on max difficulty against just about anything.

I really like Inquisition myself, may end up my Game of the Year (tm all rights reserved etc etc) but I am pretty invested in the dragon age lore. It does have issues, but I think it meets a pretty happy middle ground between DA:Origins and DA2. Also this is one of the best "companion" sets of any Bioware game. I had an actual opinion about all of them save Cole who was just so weird and out there I couldn't bring myself to actually care.

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Can't say I am shocked, still a poor choice. It is fun and a good time, but hardly the best game of the year.

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They are actually far better on PC than on console once you get used to the keyboard and mouse controls. It is pretty funny but yes, Mass Effect a game literally made for a controller, does not support controllers on PC. That said the graphics are visibly better, cleaner framerate, better menu's, very stable to play (unless your PC is ancient), basically the whole enchilada it is just the best version of those games.

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Also as an aside seriously... does the guy even get killed in the movie? I have seen some previews that made it look like Franco's character actually became his friend. Even if he did die was it intentional or some sort of retard level accident which seems a lot more likely. Truthfully the movie is just as insulting the the US intelligence world as it is to North Korea as it implies the CIA would try something this freaking stupid to begin with.

Of course we did try to kill Hitler by dumping air plane loads of porno on him hoping he would get a heart attack somehow.....

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Funny no one ever raised a stink over Team America and I am pretty sure it paints North Korea (and a ton of other people/places) just as badly as "The Intreview" does. Also for the record there are plenty of movies out there about people destroying America, or assassinating the president of the US. We just don't care because we have the ability to say "It is just a stupid movie".