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(snip) Yeah, go fuck yourself is probably pretty close to how I would feel about it.

Yes, but would you create a video calling those naysayers out by (user)name, literally tell them to go fuck themselves, and then post that video to YouTube?

No not really, but if it is okay for people to trash talk him it should be okay for him to trash talk back. I am not saying he should have, or that it couldn't have been done better, only that his motivations and response are perhaps understandable.

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You guys sure are interesting. It may just be me but if I were a guy who just went through the effort of making a video game and someone said "Who keeps letting Karkarov make games?" to me I would be kinda offended. I just went through the effort of making an actual product and some random internet schmo just basically said I shouldn't have been allowed to in the first place and writes off all my work as wasted money by an investor who must be an idiot? Yeah, go fuck yourself is probably pretty close to how I would feel about it.

Though in all honesty being forced to look at Pewdiepie's face in the "around the web" spam while I post this is far more offensive than anything anyone said about the game or the hash tag itself.

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Cullen is an OG Origins character too. Back when he was just a goof.

True, but his role was really minor. Also he is one of the few plot "wwaaaaattt????" characters as I seem to recall he can die rather easily in DA1 if you do some pretty popular choices. Fortunately for me I have always sided with Cullen on most things. Not fortunate for Wynne though.... :D

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Does the game involve a lot of the story elements from DA:2? Sadly i did not play much of that game, and only had a brief summary of the story told to me.

The game is ass deep in DA2. I wont say why but the events of DA2 have a huge impact on the story at multiple points. Many of the main cast members were also main characters in DA2. Cullen, Varric, Casandra, etc etc.

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Hmm finally bothered getting a decent screen shot of my spanish inquisition death lord..... Here we go!

Hilariously the lighting in this game is weird. He actually has a scar over his left eye but because of the way the light works you can't even see it in this pic.

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Well now I'm pumped to play this. So it also includes stuff from the Masked Empire? I have heard DA:I includes both orlais and fereldan.

Uh .... yes. In fact there is a high level area in Orlais where the main antagonist and one of the major ally npc's are both from that book. Won't say who, or where. The war between Gaspard and Celene is a central plot element in many of the zones as well.

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Dracolisks eventually open up from a side mission on the war table where you have the option to tame one. Not sure what procs the mission showing up. Once you clear it you get one dracolisk in your stable and Dennet starts selling others. Also more mounts show up for sale at various points in the story. Personally I just use the horses, lots of the "special" mounts look freaking weird.

I don't often use mounts however.... why? Because I can't search when mounted which means gathering resources which you have to do a crap ton of cant be done from horseback.

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@alistercat: FYI chests are randomly generated when entering an area, not when you open it. So saving before opening would just waste time. Save before entering the area.

Whoa there, minor correction time. Some chests are randomly generated when you zone. IE: the big dog chests.... like for example the large chests in the rooms of the Solasan Temple. Most chests are randomly generated when you "target" them. Meaning if you save before you go in a room you know has loot (like say a astralariam (sp?) cave) the extra chests will have different loot if you reload and do it again while the "main" chest will have the same loot on all loads. Also there are chest "tiers" meaning some chests will drop better stuff than other chests, for example some chests will simply never have schematics in them though their loot might be random.

It is actually pretty complicated, but when you have been using the same armor schematic since before the battle at haven and you are level 18 you start looking for ways to game the system.

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If playing on nightmare (and you aren't just a knight enchanter which is so broken it will get patched) best way to kill dragons (assuming it isn't one of the rare ones with aoe damage aura's like in cloakwood) is to literally just bring all three warriors and have them all specced as tanks. They will constantly aggro trade the dragon and keep high levels of guard up thus taking very little damage. It is a slow way to do it but as long as you keep yourself alive you can chip down most dragons pretty effectively that way.

Also another tip to anyone playing nightmare (let's be real probably only me) don't fight crap higher level than you. Seriously, it is beyond hard and later game a 1 or even 2 level difference will be almost insurmountable.

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@karkarov: FF9 holds up really well. Other PSX Games that hold up: Symphony of the Night, Every Street Fighter, Vagrant Story, Pro Skater 2, Suikoden 1 and 2, FF Tactics, Persona 1 and 2 and Wipeout 2097.

I will spot you Symphony of the Night. The rest you are on shaky ground and I love me some Persona.