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Well Morrowind certainly has the most interesting landscape of all the Elder Scrolls games, but as other people are saying without the gameplay elements that made Morrowind great, I don't think it's going to be a good time. Sure, they improved sword and bow combat, but they made magic and skills such a joke compared to Morrowind. I remember being able to create custom spells with ridiculous attributes, whatever happened to that?

I think game balance happened to that dude.

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No offense but it is no more or less broken than it was in Dark Souls 1. Demon's Souls still has the best PVP of the 3 for a variety of reasons.

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Thinking about it I am not even totally sure. I guess I would have to say that time I owned the skeleton lords so bad I killed all three of them before their adds spawned. Of course this ended up with my dieing cause it turned into me versus like 15 undead that I had no idea were coming with my back turned to the wheel guys.

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You have an i5? No need. Until new cpu architecture and specs hit the market, and games actually push those specs, you are plenty good enough. I have never seen a single game take full advantage of my i7, I only have it cause I do a lot of video editing. If anything upgrade the 680, which also isn't really needed.

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Boss (required): Jabba The Hutt

Nice. It is funny too that I know exactly who you mean.

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The only worthy bonuses DS2 had were in japan where you could get a wooden box with resin models of a bunch of the games weapons and shields. The in game pre order bonuses are a joke, don't waste your money. Like others have also said, they can still be bought in game if you just have to have them.

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Hey I thought of one more thing: has weapon upgrading changed? (and if so, how?)


Yes. This is basically how it works....

Titanite Shards level "most" weapons/armor to +3, 1 shard for +1, 2 for +2, and 3 for +3. Large Titanite Shards take weapons to +6, again same rate 1 for +4, 2 +5, etc. Titanite Chunks go to +9 with again 1 for +7 blah blah. Lastly you need 1 Titanite Slab to +10 a item.

Some weapons and armor need Twinkling Titanite to level. These are a little different because they only go to +5 not +10 and you need an equal number of Twinkling for the level. Meaning you need 5 Twinkling Titanite to take a item from +4 to +5.

Petrified Dragon Bones work exactly like Twinkling Titanite except that they are used to level up weapons and armor made using Boss Souls. Edit: and weapons from Dragon Knights..... sheesh so many details!

Oh almost forgot! The last upgrade item is Fire Seeds. They are used to upgrade Pyromancy Flames.

Now the "enchanting" system is completely separate. What I mean is this.... you get special shards that give weapons elemental or status effect powers. For example a Firedrake Stone makes a weapon have "fire" damage and turns it into a Fire Weapon. So if you upgraded say a Claymore with a Firedrake Stone it would become a "Fire Claymore". Enchanting however is no longer tied to "level". What I mean is you could take a weapon all the way to +10 then turn it into a enchanted weapon if you wanted and it would still be a +10 whatever. If you did it at +3 the same applies. The "+" of the weapon is now it's own totally separate thing and is leveled on it's own, where as the enchants are one shot things you do to the item. That said there are also enchanting items that remove enchantments from weapons. So say you decide you don't want it to be a Fire Claymore anymore and you just want a normal Claymore again that can be done. You can also simply swap, like you can turn a Fire weapon into a Poison weapon using the right enchanting stone.

The big catch 22 with enchanting is 1: you have to meet certain in game criteria before you can do it. It is not available really early in game unlike normal upgrading. Normal upgrading is also gated but much much faster and easier to unlock, you will figure it out without a problem I bet. 2: When you enchant a weapon it can have drastic effects on it's scaling. Depending on your build sometimes enchanting a weapon is actually a big nerf, but on other builds it is basically must have. It all depends on the kind of character you want to play.

Last thing.... Almost all weapons can be enchanted, not just ones that need Titanite to level. Some weapons have natural elemental effects like the Katana named Manslayer has natural poison damage but still scales well with Dex. Weapons that have natural "elements" can be enchanted but the physical damage side and scaling of the weapon will be severely weakened by the enchantment. They will also still keep the original elemental power regardless of how you enchant them. So you could enchant Manslayer to be a Lightning Manslayer and it would have lightning AND poison damage, though the poison would be noticeably weaker. You could also make it a Poison Manslayer and while the physical side gets weaker the Poison would be much stronger. Also there are no "physical" enchants. If you want it to be a straight Str/Dex scaling weapon you simply don't enchant it at all.

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Varric's line seemed fairly lame and unfunny. Otherwise it was a solid video game trailer. I agree the main characters armor design looks like crap, I can't figure out how they have everyone else wearing cool enough looking gear and "you" look like an idiot. Looks like it may be a canned main character again as well, or at least a specific origin event. I kinda wish they would go back to origins method of starting the game off.

I have plenty of faith that they can do something good though and I will be picking it up. DA2 wasn't as good as DA:O but it didn't suck either and for the most part gets far more flack than it really deserved.

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@karkarov: No reason to be rude, no one here has offended you. And for the record, Dark Souls has a lot of heart.

It' a like Oblivion to Skyrim, where Oblivion feels a lot more warm and cohesive than Skyrim. The only difference is that Skyrim is still a magnificent game, and Dark Souls II is a pretty poor game.

I am not being rude I am just stating the truth. Dark Souls only actual innovation to the series was the covenants, and I guess R2 attacks having combos. Even today Demon's Souls still has the best online of all three, is the easiest to do a co op run through, easiest to find pvp for if you want it, easiest to invade in, etc etc. It still has the best boss encounters in my opinion (sadly some of them can be cheesed), find me one boss in either of the other two games that has as much impact as Maiden Astrea does? Mirror Knight in many ways is even a rehash of the Old Monk. Too many Dark Souls fans try to pretend that Dark Souls did it all, it didn't, it sucks the staff hated Demon's Souls until it became popular to like it but whatever.

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Also I have to laugh at people saying Dark Souls 1 had heart, or it was pushing the boundaries and doing new things, or it was the first so it just had that "magic"! No, it wasn't the first, it wasn't pushing boundaries, and it didn't have any particular heart. All those things were Demon's Souls.... you know the one that actually did come first? The only significant change from Demon's to Dark is no more central hub and they added covenants. Oh they also made the PVP a lot worse too... The rest was just gameplay tweaks.