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@karkarov: No reason to be rude, no one here has offended you. And for the record, Dark Souls has a lot of heart.

It' a like Oblivion to Skyrim, where Oblivion feels a lot more warm and cohesive than Skyrim. The only difference is that Skyrim is still a magnificent game, and Dark Souls II is a pretty poor game.

I am not being rude I am just stating the truth. Dark Souls only actual innovation to the series was the covenants, and I guess R2 attacks having combos. Even today Demon's Souls still has the best online of all three, is the easiest to do a co op run through, easiest to find pvp for if you want it, easiest to invade in, etc etc. It still has the best boss encounters in my opinion (sadly some of them can be cheesed), find me one boss in either of the other two games that has as much impact as Maiden Astrea does? Mirror Knight in many ways is even a rehash of the Old Monk. Too many Dark Souls fans try to pretend that Dark Souls did it all, it didn't, it sucks the staff hated Demon's Souls until it became popular to like it but whatever.

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Also I have to laugh at people saying Dark Souls 1 had heart, or it was pushing the boundaries and doing new things, or it was the first so it just had that "magic"! No, it wasn't the first, it wasn't pushing boundaries, and it didn't have any particular heart. All those things were Demon's Souls.... you know the one that actually did come first? The only significant change from Demon's to Dark is no more central hub and they added covenants. Oh they also made the PVP a lot worse too... The rest was just gameplay tweaks.

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Second one is the better game, mechanics are better, no useless stats anymore, weapon upgrading system is improved, more bosses, more interesting covenants, superior NG+, blah blah. The only thing game one did better was the "connectivity" and that isn't even that big a deal to me.

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Nah nothing is changing guys, we decided to stick with things as they are. Besides there are now plenty of people from all alliances in the guild.

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One of my characters dual-wields katanas, and I have all the katanas (minus Chaos Blade & Berseker Blade) fully reinforced. I have more than enough strength to enter power stance with any of these weapons, and the Blacksteel Katana is the second most powerful of these swords, with only the Washing Pole out-damaging it. This occurs before hitting 40 dexterity. I leveled up strength and dexterity in parallel up to 30, and the strength scaling of other swords does not make up the difference.

I have to wonder why you are even using a dex weapon at 30/30? Strength weapons will hit harder because they scale better, they also aren't made of fine china and normally have more than 40 durability. Oh well to each his own.

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Why was this necro'd? And no.... just no.... the OP is right. The outskirts are god awful crap, the worst area from any Witcher game and almost so bad I never bothered playing it past them.

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You still have one or two major areas to explore, then you have to go through the castle. You are only like 50% done.

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Each time you cause bleed, the opponent loses a percentage of his health. But it seems that bleed is useless if not used with quck weapons (such as twinblades).

OP doesn't want anything even resembling a spoiler, he wants discussion of mechanics only. So please edit out the part where you start talking about what specific items to use to be effective, it probably crosses his spoiler line.

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@envane: Why don't you like the Blacksteel? It has an Iaito-like moveset and it is one of the highest scaling weapons in the entire game despite being dex (different weapons with S rank scaling scale differently). I don't have the Berserker Blade or the Chaos Blade yet, but the Blacksteel has higher damage than the Uchi, Manslayer, and Darkdrift. Its damage is on par with the Washing Pole, but is obviously quite a bit faster (with much less range, of course).

But it still loses because the other Katana's you name still scale with strength and have high dex scaling. Their dex scaling + the strength will still out power blacksteel even though it has superior dex scaling numbers.

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Bleed is kind of useless.

Quoted for super truth. All Bleed does is cause your enemy to have a stamina regen penalty and some slight armor reduction. Considering how little armor helps in this game with how fast stamina regen is even when bled it is basically useless.
EDIT: If it does cause damage as lower posts says then the damage it caused would be minimal in my opinion. I tested it a bit and never noticed it taking off "chunks" of hp.