Ok Damnit Why Not? Top 20 of the soon to be Last Gen!

With all the polls on the site about this, the huge elimination tournament thing you can find here, and the user voted thread over there, I just couldn't resist making one of these things myself!

So here we go, my highly opinionated, you probably won't agree but suck it, top 20 of this gen/last gen/gen 7/ or the gen formerly known as the symbol!

Oh and ground rules! The game had to be available on PS3, Xbox360, Vita, PSP, DS, 3DS, Wii, or WiiU. It also had to be released between the launch of the Xbox360 11/22/2005 and the launch of the PS3 11/15/2013. Lastly I won't pick more than one game from a series, so I only list my favorite entry! Oh and no MMO's.

List items

Posted by Slag

That's a dang good list there with a better name than mine.

Mass effect series is still on my backlog and I have to admit I wonder where it would fall on my list once I play it.

Posted by Karkarov

@slag: Thanks man! You should check out Mass Effect it really is a great series. You can get it pretty cheap now too for pc. My advice on ME1 is remember, it is an RPG not a shooter. So aim your gun and all that but remember if your character has uber skill with assault rifles and none with a shotgun... don't expect to hit shit with the shotty or do good damage. ME2/3 change that and are more shooters with RPG elements. Also in ME1 if the mako missions are bogging you down... they are optional you don't "have" to do them.