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Did anyone else notice this or am I just grasping for referential straws here?

[Slight spoilers ahead, but not really]

During the final cutscene of the last Yogi and Reggie mission, the chaps present you with the "Golden Pipe of Kyrat," to which Reggie remarks "It's not real(ly) gold. Sorry." You can view the cutscene here.

Maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I instantly thought back to when Nintendo announced the "golden" Wii remote as part a Skyward Sword bundle, as referenced on the Bombcast here. What do you think the chances are this was a reference of sorts? Either way, I got a kick out of it.

EDIT: Also, I just realized his name is Reggie, as in "Reggie Fils-Aime." Eh? Eeeeh?

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@gregispurple: It's so damn cheap. When I rented (granted, in Central PA with credit that the lady on the phone was astonished was as good as it was) I think I paid $85 per year. Yes, per year. I don't remember what was covered, exactly, but it was not minimal coverage by any means.

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State College, PA, USA

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We all knew that this couldn't last forever: at some point the Giant Bomb most of us have grown to love was always bound to fall apart. People come and go, people get older, people change professions/locations/etc., people die...

I don't want to be all doom and gloom and I certainly don't know what the future holds, but this really bums me out. At the same time, however, I can't blame Vinny and the crew at all for making this decision because, in the end, they are real people with real lives and I've grown to really like those real-life people.

Change is good and change is scary, but I worry that what makes Giant Bomb so special to me, personally, continues to fall apart. No one can be blamed for what happened last June, but the loss of Patrick and now Vinny is a severe blow as well. Personality is key to the site's survival and the personality of Giant Bomb is dependant on how their crew gets along in person, not via Hangouts. Ryan was always so adamant that you can't do a good podcast/show via Skype or some similar remote means.

I'm not a fan of Arthur Gies anymore, but back years ago when he was doing the "Rebel FM" podcast with Anthony Gallegos, a listener wrote in and asked what gaming podcasts they listened to. Arthur mentioned the Bombcast (it wasn't the first time) because of how well the Duders got along together, so I started listening myself. He was so damn right, as most of us know, and I'm so sad that that Bombcast becomes even more of a distant memory with this announcement.

Good luck everyone and good luck to my favorite Duder, Vinny; I'll be here for the foreseeable future, guys, but maybe this slow let-down is for the best...

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I find it amusing that people who dislike Brad would watch a Quick Look featuring Brad at the controls of a game which they believe they know more about/are better at than Brad. Nothing about that makes sense, unless of course you apply the popular phrase "haters are going to hate."

For instance, I know that when I see a Quick Look with Brad and Patrick in it, I don't even bother watching it. Why? Doesn't matter, I just know I don't enjoy that particular pairing and I don't put myself in a position to be one of the "haters."

I like Brad (and Patrick, even) for the role he plays at GiantBomb.com: A Website About Videogames. And like every other member of the Bomb-crew, Brad has strengths and weaknesses. I think Brad just doesn't have a knack for driving quicklooks and I think part of that problem is he's easily distracted and loses focus on a whim. I can't blame him, really, but I think that's one reason why you'll often see him "waste time" at certain points. That said, I don't doubt for a second that Brad is good at games in general and he's clearly very smart and knowledgeable about "stuff." But again, everybody has their quirks. For instance:

  • Jeff knows just too goddamn much about video games and makes me feel stupid constantly
  • Vinny plays with inverted controls
  • Patrick loves animation priority and is a cyborg
  • Ryan can be a bit snarky and obnoxious sometimes, especially when hosting live shows.
  • Speaking of "snark," Alex is the personification of a Gawker blog
  • Drew is "too damn blonde" and good at everything he touches. Every-thing.
  • Dave prefers the site with a white background

Giant Bomb isn't Giant Bomb without Brad, like it or not. Now go Google one of those hilarious "Deal With It" meme .gifs and pretend like I just sent that to you.

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Honestly, I'd recommend waiting a bit longer. The biggest reason I've stopped playing isn't because of server issues (though I still encounter them and am not playing on the server I'd prefer to); I've actually stopped playing until they re-enable the "cheetah" speed mode.

This may sound crazy, but in a game that you spend a lot of instances waiting for the next "paycheck" to roll in, not having that fastest speed can make the game a complete snooze fest.

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Does anybody know if you have to install the game from the disc with the physical copy or is it like steam and you can just use a code to download it if you want? I have a gift card from Christmas I want to use to buy the game, but I don't have an optical drive on my PC.

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Do you think most of the shouting and cursing Phil Fish is doing right now is in English or in French?

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@DonShulaDoingTheHula: I did the same thing