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The '2DS' is just plain silly. Having said that, I've always been curious of a few 3DS games, but could never be convinced on spending the dough on a 3DS, 130 bucks is cheap enough for me to check it out...
...not since the GBA had Nintendo seen a dime from me, but I'll be picking one up. Well played Nintendo.

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Man, poor Microsoft is in shambles isn't it? That XBO launch is gonna be a disaster...

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This is great news for Sony. First of all, they will now be regarded as the heroes that forced microsoft into reversing from their draconian policies, but more than that, now third party publishers will have no reason to favor one console over the other.

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Boycott? That's a bit of a strong word, but I'm not planning on buying one if that's what you're asking.

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Very enjoyable read. I concur with your thoughts on the PS4 presentation, I don't get where all the hate is coming from, it was solid, if a bit somber. As for the rest of the article, I'm very sorry to hear about 1up, I should have visited it more often when I had the chance.

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14 when Blair-Witch came out?!?!? Yeesh, I'm OLD!!

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I see nothing wrong with sex, and nothing wrong with "booth babes" other than the name maybe, should they also have male booth babes for the sake of equality, yeah they should, but if they don't it's only because they're catering to their target audience. People need to stop being so god damned easily offended. First world problems.

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@john_doe132 said:

No gran turismo, my save has over 5000km driven

Glad I'm not the only nutjob :-p

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No Gran Turismo, no deal.

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