Baofu, persona Q-style

A little bummed that there's no persona 2 in persona Q, atleast when I still thought the game was non-canon. Saw some cool versions of the p1 and p2-characters in the Q-style so I figured I'd try to draw Baofu in the same way. Cheers!

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What do you think about Marie? (spoilers!)

One of the biggest news in persona 4: golden was the inclusion of two new social links, Adachi and Marie. While most seemed happy with the new interactions with everyones favorite scumbag detective, the feelings on Marie and her story seemed mixed. I know it's pretty late now, but I'm still interested in what people think and also I'll get to express my feelings on the matter.

To start with her social link, I like it, but not for the reasons I expected. I liked it alot more because it showed of the other characters more and often brang them together. She was alright, but I never felt that she got bigger than being a somewhat funny tsundere. Well, she got brighter in the ending, so she definately changed, but on the way there I didn't feel very engrossed in her character. The fact that her social link commented and joked about Chies and Yukikos subconscious obsession with green and red were alot of fun, and her exposed poems showed of a more playful side of Margaret. So in that way I like that she's there, but it could have been more.

As for her storyline, I felt that she reminded me about Aigis in that it's a story that I've heard ALOT before. The whole sacrificing herself for the greater good while the investigation team chases after anyway and convinces her that there's another way is something that I've seen alot in animé and it just feels old and clichéd. I also think that it makes the game strike the truth cord a little much. The original game made it's message of truth and introspection pretty good I think. It made it clear what it wanted to say, but I didn't feel that it hit me over the head with it. With Maries chapter in it too, I felt it became a little too much. The foreshadowing of Izanami is in my eyes both good and bad. In the original it was pretty sudden with Izanamis part, but I think that it made it more interesting that the game played your expectations of it's mechanics against you, telling you that you should go home and such, and being used to that being the usual schtick, it didn't come of as being very suspicious. With Maries part in it, we knew that something still was up and were naturally more suspicious on the last day.

Then again, you can ignore Marie and her story if you want too, though that makes things kinda disturbing in the last part of the game because that means she actually killed herself so that the fog couldn't spread again...

Her dungeon were pretty interesting though, but I couldn't make alot of sense of the poems it told throughout it. I guess they should have some meaning because they're there, but they were very abstract. The music was perfect, it really reflected loneliness and gives me shivers to this day, and Maries sad but beautiful theme itself felt like it had some symbolism in it of her resolve to die with the cocking gun being heard in some parts of it.

So... For me, it's a mixed bag. I didn't really mind her, but my fondness for her social link comes more from bringing all the other characters together, wich is always means a good time, than her character and story itself. She had her fun moments, like on valentines day, but it with the bar the game set for the characters in it, I feel that she sadly falls short.

So, what do you think?

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My top 5 favorite games of the last year!

Yes! Here in Sweden the new year has come and I celebrated it here in my house, drinking glögg and all that good stuff that's leftover from christmas!

What better time to count my favorite top 7 games that came out last year, I mean, 2013 may be dead but I think still the corpse is warm enough to snuggle into and so here is: Karmosins top 5 games of the last year!

5. Persona 4: arena.

It's arc system-works and atlus, colaborating to make it a living hell for us waiting for it in europe! Yeah... It's pretty stupid that it took this long for us to get this, but hey, it arrived and it was pretty awesome. It's alot of fun to just pick up and play, it's very good at easing you into it but still regaining alot of depth wich makes fightinggames so much fun to dwelve into. Also, it's persona-characters who beats the shit out of eachother with all the characeristic visuals and fanservice that comes with it, what's not to love?

4. Puppeteer.

I actually got this on the january-sale on psn and it's a good thing that I did, cause this game was so much fun! The presentation is amazing, I thought the dialogues were alot of fun, the voiceacting was great, with Moon bear king up front just chewing the scenery every time he got on the screen. Also I thought it was alot of fun to play and the scissors, Calibrus, were very fun to use, especially in the many great bossfights.

3. Blazblue: Chrono phantasma.

Not out in the west yet, but hell, I put a europe-release on the list so it really dosen't matter where, as long as it was released this year. I just couldn't keep myself from importing this. For fightinggames it isn't really that important so understand what the characters say as long as you get to understand the way the fighting works, and while the blazblue-story is a guilty pleasure of mine, I didn't really cry alot of tears over being left out on the other side of the language-barrier. This game is an improvement over continuum shift in nearly every way. It's faster, it feels better when you hit, it has new cool characters (Amane is my favorite) and while some of the remixes of old songs are pretty bad, it has new good songs to make up for it! This is, simply put, my favorite fighting game of all time.

2. Tearaway.

I've found it's been hard to concentrate lately on games. Don't know if it's me and a shitty attention-span or just that most games can't hold my interest anymore. And here comes Tearaway, making me a central part of it, involving me in new and creative ways every few minutes in a great adventure to reach... Me? I love everything about this game. The papercraft-look is amazing and they never ever stray from it, instead coming up with interesting ways to use it to simulate everyday-things, like the paperwaves rolling in from a sea of glue in sogport or the small waves of paper that appears when you step on a puddle-patch. But most of all I love how this game makes you a central part of it and the world that you hold in your hands.

It's not a very challenging game, and there's not very much to go back too after you complete it, but I can hardly think of any other games that I've enjoyed as much this year. With littlebigplanet Media monecule proved their playfullness and also made a great game in the process. With Tearaway they've created a masterpiece.

1. Persona 4: golden.

I got my vita this summer. The one main reason why I chose it over 3DS? This game right here. And while I sometimes think if I should've made a different choice today, I just go back and play it a little and afterwards I can safely say: It was worth it. I don't think there's any new and insightful things to say about this game, especially on this site. It's just so great. So fucking great.


This sweater is awesome!

Just needed to say, got this sweater today from and aside from the awesome print it's also as comfy as a bed made out of a hundred little wabbits. I can't understand myself why I'm so excited over a damn sweater but I reach out, I hold out, I feel nice, oh-so-soft fabric in my hands and I feel the bond between me and my shirt has grown stronger! Everydays indeed great at your Junes!

(The import cost made me a little sad though)


Persona pictures I've made, now and in the past.

I've not yet gotten around to make any progress in blogging on this site. I thought I'd put something in here now, so why not a picture I've made of my favorite character in Persona 2: Eternal punishment, Mr Baofu what'shislastname.

I've only come about halfway into the game yet, but so far the most entertaining character has been the cynical information-broker Baofu, often in conversation with Ulala. I cannot remember the last time I've seen someone look so damn cool in banana-yellow coat and trousers while wearing Ozzy Osbournesque glasses. So here's to him!

It's pretty simple, Especially the background, I do not put that much energy in doing these minor drawings but it's very fun. Great way to spend an evening.

I've also done some others before. These are the ones I finished and didn't just start at and leave unfinished.

Oh... Oh no.... I did this one before I even played Persona 4, and I actually thought it was pretty good at the time... When I look at it now though... The cheesy pose was probably because I didn't know what the character really was like when I did it. Just thought: "She looks energetic, let her do a peace-sign!". Stupid, I know. Also looks pretty unpolished. The shading is sloppy and and the colouring is not very good.

"Shoot yourself in the head. Go on. It won't hurt." Well, I've already tried to watch TV at midnight, put my hand through the screen and also yell persona and call down a tarot card. Can't hurt to try this one too!

This one is alright. Not too bad if I'd say it myself.

This one I am still pretty fond of. Maybe not the face so much, but the pose and the shoes. Shoes are always some of the things I'm worst at drawing, they're either too big or too small or really blocky and clumsy-looking. Theese look kinda slick, maybe too high on the heels but overall... Did this one before playing the game also.

Probably figured out that I like the persona-series a little. Pretty much found out about it last spring and has been plowing through the game since. The character and persona-designs always looked so slick and imaginative, it's really inspiring and I guess that's one of the reasons I hold the series so dear right now. I mean just look at the persona designs for P2. They look so mordern, so slick, so incredibly weird and creative. Kinda like fashionmodels at some freaky fashionshow, probably also with Jean Paul Gaultier attending. While I like P4 the most I do think that every game in the series has strength of it's own.

In P2 IS it's a story about rumors and of sins commited in the past, in P3 it's very fun and varied bosses and events at the end of every month and P4 has it's bright charm and murdermystery going for it. And almost all games (never really got into the first one) have great characters and portrayals. This is probably not the last time I depict persona-characters so to say.

Have a good evening/night/morning. I hope you enjoy it.