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The endings to persona 2 IS (haven't finished EP), 3, 4 and Labrys story in arena all made me a little teary-eyed.

To the moon, when you realize what all the origami-bunnies that River made were about.

The ending to Legend of heroes: trails in the sky, left me a bit hollow inside too. Such a nice surprise of a game that was.

Katawa Shoujo digged up a ton of feels, especially during Rins story.

The death of Jenny and that ending in The darkness. Holy shit, kinda wish that it would've ended there even though I thought the sequel was alright.

I am a quite emotional person, so it dosen't take that much to tear me up, but these are some of those I remember more clearly, that stuck to me more closely.

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Alien looks pretty good, but I doubt it will become a day 1 for me.

Started playing fatal frame recently so will probably continue with that series in october. It's pretty damn good.

Also thinking about replaying the first three silent hill-games.

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I suppose the equivalent for me would be Jojo's bizarre adventure, wich do have some really great designs, but is also is full of fashion-nightmares that are equally horrible and freaking awesome in my eyes. It wouldn't be the same without it.

Jojo's bizarre adventure allstar-battle has probably one of my favorite presentations from the last few years. To bad it's not that good of a game.

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I hate the aesthetic in Mortal Kombat. So many of the designs just feel so uninspired. Dozens of different Scorpion/Sub Zero-lookalikes and girls with their mouths covered that wear bikinis. Not a real fan of the gore either, guess it can be fun the first times but it wears of quickly. Actually think it's an ok fightinggame (Mortal Kombat 9) but it's hard to get past such a horrible presentation.

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Don't know if it's out on youtube but Spoonys phantasmagoria 2 playthrough is probably one of the funniest I've seen. Rewatches it now and then and it's still funny.

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If I have a ps4 by then, then ofcourse it's ps4, but sadly I don't think that'l be the case so ps3 it is for now.

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Waifus just got real

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Xenoblade chronicles. Been thinking about picking it up in a long time but I'm stuck at a boss and don't really have the will to go on right now. Maybe some other time...

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Blazblue I guess, but I don't know if I would call it a good story though. The characters are alright though.

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I'm playing Radiant historia on my 3ds (it's a DS game though) and it's pretty damn sweet. Great combat, nice aesthetic and interesting story.

Otherwise, Persona 3 and 4 is a pretty safe bet, and if you feel a little hardcore I'd reallt recommend SMT: Nocturne too.