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Nobody should get doxxed and possibly have all of their information exposed. Including Phil Fish. Including Zoe Quinn. I would have preferred to see a better way for Phil Fish to just leave completely, because he comes off has quite the teenaged gossiper with a huge soap box, but I still don't have any empathy for him at all. Phil was still an asshole to a Twitter user who suggested he was sexually harassed, and still an asshole to the majority of gamers. Most gamers aren't what you continually despise, Phil. It's ironic that he became what he was against.

Sorry to whoever at Polytron, that's about it.

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A lot of their fanbase seems to be giving the most grief to the artist who walked away with $35k without doing work, ironically, rather than pointing the blame toward the developers or the Yogscast. It's like they're suggesting they'd do something totally different if they were in the artist's shoes. Yeah, you'd definitely return the $35k that you were legally entitled to, without doing an ounce of work, because the other people involved were absolute morons.

No, most of them would have probably taken the money and run, too.

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I was kind of bummed out about the Summer sale, but at the same time barely spent any money, which was my primary goal. I spent $1.49 (I think) and managed to pick up: The Witcher 2, Can't Stop Laughing Bundle (BB Theater + Castle Crashers) and Monaco. All of the cards I sold nearly prevented me from spending any money. I still have $1.48 left in my account, so I'm trying to think of what I can spend it on that's either below or near that threshold.

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Hey, Nether is on sale for -$1.76 on the front page, I'm in!

(I know it's a glitch, but still)

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You know I always thought my trading cards were worthless, until I managed to sell them all and have about $6.40 in my account. I'm waiting for that "one" game to drop down in price near that range. I have no idea what it'll be yet. I've only picked up Monaco so far. A neat little game for $2 or so.

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The Jordans. Why? Barely drive my car in the summer, and in the other seasons I'm off at college, and my driving is also very limited there. Get the Jordans and sell them each time. I go to the gas station like once a month.

Also, aren't there a lot of Air Jordans released yearly? Wait no, you can't change the rules now! No limits!

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While I'm usually pretty cheap, money is pretty tight for me this time around unfortunately, so it'll have to be some stupid ridiculous deal for me to even consider it. Maybe something like Total War 2 for 75% plus percent off...yeah I'll just wake up right now. I'm really interested in trying Global Offensive, although I own CS:S and I assume the general consensus is CS:S > GO? Regardless, I could see that being on sale for like 50 - 66% off. I could bite on that.

The deals have to be like the ones listed above or be pretty insane, or games that drop to $2 or $3 territory that aren't named Just Cause 2. That game should be free at this point, or just drop to a 0.01 sale. There are quite a few games I've missed out on the past few years (so it's really impossible for me to list what I'm really hoping for) due to school, video game burnout (which I'm still kind of experiencing) and being very frugal on my purchases. Not a big fan of being totally broke.

My overall problem is that whatever I buy during these seasonal sales, no matter how few games it is (usually 2-3 max), I never end up playing the fucking games. Max Payne 3, Just Cause 2, Deus Ex, the whole GTA collection and so on. AT LEAST THEY WERE ALL REALLY, REALLY CHEAP. Ha, yeah. That's my excuse.

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I know nothing about Seattle, so feel free to correct me, but I'll just assume it costs just a bit more to live there than most places in the United States. I don't think 16 or 17 year olds should be making $15/hour, but adults out of high school and anyone else that has to live on their own are going to have an awful time trying to manage under the federal minimum wage amount.

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$93.1 million. Would be slightly shocked if it tipped over the $100 million mark.