Karmum: Best of 2009

It's been quite sometime since I've contributed to this website outside forum posts. 2009 has treated me pretty well, both outside and inside the gaming world. 2010 is about to dawn upon us, and I think I've actually played more than 10 games this year, which will allow me to create this list. I had the good pleasure of playing many games this year, however, still missed out on some great games. I've heard all the buzz about Dragon Age: Origins, and since I was a fan of the original Left 4 Dead, I was upset when I couldn't squeeze Left 4 Dead 2 into 2009. I'm sure there are other gems at retail or online that I've missed, but these are some of the most prominent. Mark these games down on "Games I Need to Play Next Year." This list was incredibly hard for me, because many of the games there didn't have many flaws in my opinion, so ranking them in the current order was both a frustrating and grueling process.
Note: I don't own a Playstation 3, so there isn't any PS3 hate. I want to play Uncharted 2, I really do! Mark down the Playstation 3 as the item that "I will be buying immediately next year."

List items