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Disappointing But Still Myst 0

Unless the player has already played Myst on a PC or console first, there is no way this game could be nearly as enjoyable as a stand-alone. The touch screen (which isn't fully utilized because it only does as much as a directional button can) can't even make up for the low graphics. It's possible the stylus is an easier tool then PSP buttons; even so, it's hard to say if that is enough of a perk. Although I loved the nostalgia and still played all the way through, I have to say it was probably ...

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Not Your Usual Adventure Game 0

Back in '93, this was a game bursting with beautiful graphics. The world was lonely but had a really solid feel to each of the five Ages. Personally the main source for excitement was being able to play a full-blown PC game on a Macintosh, for once.Although the game had a simple layout the puzzles in each of the Ages were surprisingly difficult, sometimes feeling nearly impossible when tied in with the fact the player was thrown into it all with no explanation or tutorials. The little guidance g...

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