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From now until December 27th, experience nothing but the finest in holiday Trackmania 2 Stadium tracks and filthy Christmas dubstep!

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Added 52 tracks and 4 songs. Also added a TM-Karma thing to my admin panel so I can clean out bad tracks. (edit: also be on the lookout for CHRISTMAS TRACKLIST early next week, featuring 'merry christmas - the road'

I'm finding it hard to believe.. we're in

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I'll add tracks and music over the week, once I get my admin tools fixed.

Right now, it's right back where we left off--same track rotation (99 tracks that hopefully aren't terrible), same dubstep.

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Apparently Trackmania 2 Stadium is free until April 2014.

So I started the server back up. Look for Giant Bomb Unofficial Classic in US -> Illinois.

I'm keeping it on the down low--feeling out the Mania before I go crazy advertising this.

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It's not THAT expensive, I just shut it down because it was averaging 1-2 users a week.

I own and pay for this VPS indefinitely now, so if the Mania returns, I can always relaunch it.

(Apologies for the late response, I apparently turned notifications off..?)

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I think the playercount is set to 20 right now.

Of course you can join, bring friends too!

We don't have a vent up but I could open up my mumble server if there's ever enough demand for it. It's kinda dead right now.

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Sorry about the downtime, DC's got it back up now.

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DC updated the server to that patch, should be up now!

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