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It's not THAT expensive, I just shut it down because it was averaging 1-2 users a week.

I own and pay for this VPS indefinitely now, so if the Mania returns, I can always relaunch it.

(Apologies for the late response, I apparently turned notifications off..?)

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I think the playercount is set to 20 right now.

Of course you can join, bring friends too!

We don't have a vent up but I could open up my mumble server if there's ever enough demand for it. It's kinda dead right now.

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Sorry about the downtime, DC's got it back up now.

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DC updated the server to that patch, should be up now!

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No problem, guys. Always glad to help the community.

Also huge shoutout to my friend DC (Rock Face on the server) for taking the reigns momentarily. Seems the transition was a success, starbound.redco.in now redirects to his hardware and everything seems perfect (including the web interface!)

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Server's going down and being transitioned to a friend's hardware. starbound.redco.in should redirect there tonight (or try DC-S1.zapto.org if it doesn't). Your starting spawn may not be correct, but rest assured everything is there. Just travel back to your favorite planets and enjoy.

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@robo said:

So I don't really know much about running a server, and doing it from home probably wouldn't work with the amount of music and video streaming I do. But let's say I paid for a server for a month. Would I be able to transfer our universe to that server via FTP or something?

I'd be wiling to do that for now. But probably only a month or so if the popularity continues to wane a bit in this beta. The "final" wipe is supposed to happen in a week or two anyway. And restoring the world may not be possible or advisable after that happens anyway.

Although I would like to find a way to save the GiantBomb Bomb dude I put over the base. It came out better than I hoped it would. There are a couple mods that might let me.

The problem is that the current server software is BRUTAL on memory. You'd need an expensive VPS to run it stable, as it balloons up to 3GB and crashes within hours. There are dedicated Starbound hosts as well, but you won't have as much control and likely would not be able to upload the current world.

I have a friend that may be interested in hosting the server, but he needs to test if his connection is capable of it first. I'll let you guys know.

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Hey y'all, due to lack of interest and the constant need for maintenance, I plan on taking the server down until Beta 2 (or any other significant beta milestone--I just need better server software, so I can host off of my VPS).

The server will remain up until Friday, January 10th.

If someone wants to take over hosting for the time being, I'd be happy to transfer the universe folder to you. PM me for the link. It's over 700MB, so please be serious about hosting if you plan on downloading it, as I don't want to burn through too much bandwidth.

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