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Just out of curiosity does anyone have a preference for either green beans or mashed potatoes as a side item?

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Well I started this blog because Giant Bomb is giving out quest achievements. Really I do not know if this new feature on the site of collecting regards for doing various actions is worthwhile, but it sure is increasing the amount of time I am spending on the site and I guess will encourage others to visit more and add to the site. Who knows. I will keep going and see where this takes the site in the near future.

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Awesome! It is great to hear that the package arrived. For a second I was worried that it was sent to the wrong place by UPS.
The Giant Bomb crew are right about Mos Burger. That fast food place has excellent burgers and drinks. And anyone thinking of going to a McDonalds in Japan should go to Mos instead.

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Great GOTY awards guys.
My 2009 2008's games were Valkyria Chronicles and Mass Effect.

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I believe you can follow here at his blog:  http://www.jasonocampo.com/

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Nerd moment..

I checked on wikianswers and the closest distance between the Earth and the Moon is 54.6 million kilometers. Now I don't know how much people are adding to girl every day because I have not checked yet, but it could be a better part of a year before it happens.

The distance between Mars and Jupiter is worse at 550 million kilometers.

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couple quips
-need more contrast between background and links (dark gray or black background with gray links are not a great color contrast)
-when adding items in game pages the text about adding find and adding items should vanish when we click on it
-drop down lists don't seem to be working all the time/ are missing content
-trivia links at the top of game pages looks a bit cluttered (Captain Skyhawk for example)

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I agree with the sentiment that this content should be part of the $60 game.

At the very least Capcom should wait a month or longer after the game comes out and give us enough credit as gamers who follow the industry to lie to us, saying that this content was not ready at the time of release. But right now the way they are handling this is very frustrating and rings of the situation with the horse armor in Oblivion.

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Yeah I agree that they should have called it a "spiritual successor" to BG.

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