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I played through the first Turok game and this one, the sequel. The games that followed seemed to not live up to their potential and made me personally wish they copied more of the formula found in Turok 2. So who else thought this was the best one in the series to ever come out?

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I've installed it. It may only make a 4-5 second difference, but if you are playing this game a lot it is going to definitely save time in the long run.

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Nice. To be honest the guy in the third clip regarding the limited edition copy of the game should cool off. I mean this game looks to be real good, but its not like it is the Mona Lisa or some other piece of art that can never be replaced.

Just to run down the list of things the limited edition turned out to have:
- T-shirt in shrink wrap (I have heard the shirt is either large or extra large. Perfect for resale on ebay)
- Tournament bracket poster (one side has the bracket with an image of a couple of the characters. The other is a poster of some of the new and old characters. This seems like the oddest item to have. Fighting games have done the bracket tournament system fine for years and even the last game in the series had a good one, so really don't see the use of this item at all.)
-Erasable marker for the tournament poster (extremely small marker)
-Soulcalibur 4 comic book with art book insert (soft cover. I was kind of disappointed when comparing this to the "Art of Soulcalibur " book that came out with Soulcalibur II.)
-Soulcalibur 4 game in standard game box
- Limited edition downloadable content card (Comes with a code on the back that is used to download special costumes for CAS and rumor has it might give early access to weapons found in the game. Have not seen the clothes, but getting weapons early sounds like a pretty lackluster bonus. We are largely hardcore fans of the series here, we're going to get all the weapons any way.)

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Feng Wei

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Yep. Waiting eagerly for the early start for CE purchasers of this game.