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i like hunting them down and then replaying them. i spent allmost two years looking for resident evil outbreak. was about to give it up and get it from amazon and then i got it at the flea market. im on the same road for FINAL FANTASY 3 on snes. im gonna find it!

I myself am determined to find a copy of earthbound within the state of Montana... I know it is possible that one exists... I just need to hope that I can find it.

*SIGH* I'm old enough to remember when Wal-Mart was clearancing stacks of them out for $10 a pop. Money was pretty scarce then, so I could only get a few copies, all of which are long since gone.

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I used to be very much into the collection aspect, especially the more rare consoles, but necessity and life made me part with most of it. I still have a lot of games (at one time, I had over 1,600 of them though, along with 24 consoles), and if I saw something out-of-the-ordinary, I'd pick it up if the price was right, but I'm no longer trying to get each and every game for any specific platform, and do trade or sell away a game from time to time if I'll never want to revisit it.

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I try to get a couple of hours in a day, more or less (usually less; more on weekends). I'm an old guy with babies now, so I don't have the abundance of spare time that I once did.

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And yet another reason why the video game industry will never be taken seriously. They have got the put their shit back together and soon.

You know, screwing the "artists" in creative mediums (thinking music in particular here) is hardly a practice monopolized by game publishers. Corporations like that are in it to make money and they really don't give a rat's arse about the developers in all too many cases. If the developers allow themselves to enter deals where they're going to get screwed over, the corporate d-bags will be more than happy to oblige. The thing is, I very much doubt Obsidian had any choice. They could have either taken Bethesda's terms and make the game (and get some steady work) or choose not to do the game. There's a reason more and more devs are going the indie route.

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I've been enjoying Game Room, but I think that's because the Atari 2600 is what started my epic journey of gaming. Looking at it from a purely arcade perspective, yeah, it's a huge disappointment. The new features are nice and hopefully the library will improve at some point (hasn't much the last few weeks though).