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I got the entire Tomb Raider series from the steam sale, I just finished the new one and liked it quite a bit. Which of the old ones are worth playing for someone who has no nostalgia for the series and just wants a fun time raiding tombs?

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Haze wasn't that bad... well okay it was but i enjoyed the time i spent playing it at my friend's place.

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Possibly because its easy to play with a controller while not blocking the screen? Also possibly for personal preference.

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Who revived this?

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SVU has never treated any subject, problem, addiction, or fetish with any level of respect.

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Am I ever going to find out the OP?

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@Aleryn said:

As a Metal Gear fan that started in 1998 with Solid, bought up the back library and played them to death, and from that point played them all... I'd say you can live without Portable Ops. It's a good game with BAD controls. That really killed the enjoyment of it for me. I think there MIGHT be a demo of it available on PSN?

There isn't but isn't its control scheme inspired by metal gear solid three, because thats the control scheme I ended up using for peace walker and I found it pretty good.

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Not really, it was given one line mention in peace walker (which is very essential). That said I'm told its a fun game.

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Aqua from kingdom hearts, she's both incredibly powerful and very friendly. Also she's protective, which is a plus if any of her enemies show up.

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There is a trend in forum posts about this game that really annoys me, when ever this game comes up people say something along the lines of "this game was hated by all and tarnished the final fantasy name," that is not what happened. Critics gave the game average scores while the gaming community was divided, the general impression I got was that this game had problems but was alright besides that. The problem was that final fantasy 14, a game that was actually universally agreed to be awful, came out the same year and people sort of lumped the two games together.

I can only speak for myself but it is irrelevant to me how the game was received by critics. I dislike the game. That's enough for me.

Thats fair, but please don't pretend that everyone did.