Impression of the Halo: Reach story


So because of my efforts, Halo:Combat Evolved can finally happen. It was released in September 14th, 2010 but I finally got around to completing it today, great. But they done goof'd! My friend loved the story, having a soft spot for the Halo lore from 1 onwards and told me that I will choke up and get all emotional with the characters. But then why did I not give a shit about anyone apart from myself? 
Noble Team, a group consisting of super soldiers, Spartans, with me as the new guy known as 6 and other guys who I don't give a shit about. We investigate some communication thing, to find out it was the god damn Covenant. They seem to be the only enemies ever so really I was just watching till I spot a grunt or something. Shit started hitting the fan because, if you know the story, Reach was like the planet where the main human military force and last surviving colony was and everyone else was being killed off by the god damn Covenant. Now it was up to Noble Team to do whatever the hell they could to fight the invasion and save humanity. 
One of the main problems I noticed was that my team were pretty much the cookie cutter super soldiers I expected them to be. What I mean by this is that they did their job, they followed the book and were very straight forward like soldiers are portrayed to be. Now when a member died, or sacrifice their life to keep you going, I'm sure that they wanted you to think "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Instead I couldn't really give a shit about these people who sacrificed their lives or were killed, they were so one dimensional and plain that it was more like "Oh, they just died in their line of duty, doing their job straight to death... I'll keep going I guess." 
My friend hyped up each sacrifice, the ending, obviously with each moment tugging at his heart strings. But once I finally saw the ending, I realised that I already did something like this before but it had more of an impact on me than Noble 6's sacrifice. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP. For those who know and those who don't, I won't say what happened but beat around the bush. That game's ending was CRAZY. I mean I played Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 and I knew briefly the story, but the way that game grabbed you, made you give a shit about what was happening, your main character Zack and your friends and what you were fighting for. By the end, I was in that fight and made it my duty to not fall. Still, me and everyone else who played that game had to ultimately bite the bullet at some point and that got me. That really got me, I was so angry at Shinra, sad for Aerith and understood why Cloud was such a moody emo bastard and how fucked up his life actually is after finding out the "truth". That's what I wanted out of Halo: Reach but I never got, instead team mate after team mate died for me and pushed me along for my duty, not for me. 
Apart from that, the game played fine, the controls were real good with the added armour abilities making combat more fun, traversing on foot much quicker and adding more tactical strategies to the A.I. and online players. I generally prefer the Halo controls and combat to Call of Duty's aim and shoot, because there isn't a lag in when I fire my gun and the bullet travelling to the target I was aiming at, it feels very 1:1 and when you get a head shot, you definitely feel like you got an instant head shot. The mission involving space combat was very fun and felt like a much needed break after an intense session of FPS, though it would of been nice to maybe include it again to break up another part but the story didn't require Noble 6 to space dog fight again. My only issue is that I wish the story had more heart and that these Spartans bled a little more personality, even though they're super soldiers for combat, to make me feel their honour and fight with that.