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Thank you for the reply! I posted on another forum but no replies on there :( GB community +1

I looked into the people you mentioned, I understand the inventor of BitTorrent, spreadsheet software, the co-founders of Google and the pioneer of online audio industry because I understand it myself. But what are your reasons for the Makerbot co-founders and the Wolfram Alpha search engine? I partially understand why I think the Makerbot would be influential because it did something ambitious like bringing 3D printing to the home (kind of like what Steve Jobs wanted with an Apple Mac, can't remember exactly which one). The Wolfram Alpha because it's a search engine that calculates, not pull results based on relation? Not hating on your choices, because we all have our opinions of who we feel are influential, but I'd like to hear your reason why :)

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Hey there! I hope I posted this in the right place... I need some help on my project, and when you have homework trouble, you'd ask the community ^^

Who would you say play a part in being influential people for digital media? What I mean by digital media is the industry, the things that came of it, so like Facebook, Twitter... but also technology? So how hardware and software allow professionals do their jobs to create media and possibly any other variations that I might have not said, video games are a form of digital media, Miyamoto could be one of many successful professionals of digital media.

A lot of people said Steve Jobs, based on that he was a successful entrepreneur of the early pc boom along with Bill Gates and what they did with the early programming languages and built upon to get where we are today. I thought of adding Mark Zuckerberg onto the list for the social networking boom and opening the gates for many professionals to have a platform to advertise. So please help! Who are the influential people of digital media and why?

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So because of my efforts, Halo:Combat Evolved can finally happen. It was released in September 14th, 2010 but I finally got around to completing it today, great. But they done goof'd! My friend loved the story, having a soft spot for the Halo lore from 1 onwards and told me that I will choke up and get all emotional with the characters. But then why did I not give a shit about anyone apart from myself? 
Noble Team, a group consisting of super soldiers, Spartans, with me as the new guy known as 6 and other guys who I don't give a shit about. We investigate some communication thing, to find out it was the god damn Covenant. They seem to be the only enemies ever so really I was just watching till I spot a grunt or something. Shit started hitting the fan because, if you know the story, Reach was like the planet where the main human military force and last surviving colony was and everyone else was being killed off by the god damn Covenant. Now it was up to Noble Team to do whatever the hell they could to fight the invasion and save humanity. 
One of the main problems I noticed was that my team were pretty much the cookie cutter super soldiers I expected them to be. What I mean by this is that they did their job, they followed the book and were very straight forward like soldiers are portrayed to be. Now when a member died, or sacrifice their life to keep you going, I'm sure that they wanted you to think "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Instead I couldn't really give a shit about these people who sacrificed their lives or were killed, they were so one dimensional and plain that it was more like "Oh, they just died in their line of duty, doing their job straight to death... I'll keep going I guess." 
My friend hyped up each sacrifice, the ending, obviously with each moment tugging at his heart strings. But once I finally saw the ending, I realised that I already did something like this before but it had more of an impact on me than Noble 6's sacrifice. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP. For those who know and those who don't, I won't say what happened but beat around the bush. That game's ending was CRAZY. I mean I played Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 and I knew briefly the story, but the way that game grabbed you, made you give a shit about what was happening, your main character Zack and your friends and what you were fighting for. By the end, I was in that fight and made it my duty to not fall. Still, me and everyone else who played that game had to ultimately bite the bullet at some point and that got me. That really got me, I was so angry at Shinra, sad for Aerith and understood why Cloud was such a moody emo bastard and how fucked up his life actually is after finding out the "truth". That's what I wanted out of Halo: Reach but I never got, instead team mate after team mate died for me and pushed me along for my duty, not for me. 
Apart from that, the game played fine, the controls were real good with the added armour abilities making combat more fun, traversing on foot much quicker and adding more tactical strategies to the A.I. and online players. I generally prefer the Halo controls and combat to Call of Duty's aim and shoot, because there isn't a lag in when I fire my gun and the bullet travelling to the target I was aiming at, it feels very 1:1 and when you get a head shot, you definitely feel like you got an instant head shot. The mission involving space combat was very fun and felt like a much needed break after an intense session of FPS, though it would of been nice to maybe include it again to break up another part but the story didn't require Noble 6 to space dog fight again. My only issue is that I wish the story had more heart and that these Spartans bled a little more personality, even though they're super soldiers for combat, to make me feel their honour and fight with that.
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Yeah, I guess I'm just butt hurt then :( lol 
edit: Though... I still feel like if people demand these HD updated games, it's almost like when some people complain that when some games come out for the Wii, they say that it'd look and be much better on either the 360 or PS3, I feel like it seems like that most of the time, that HD is a necessity when it really isn't.

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Sup broads and brahs, Katajero here with another thought. I don't feel good about seeing HD remakes of our classic games nowadays. What I don't mean is that Sony or whatever company is wasting time on bringing these game to this age, but more of the sense that is for the people who haven't played these old school games, that all it takes for them to play it is if it was cleaned up in HD, with it's frame rate bumped up to 30fps or 60fps running super smooth?  
_*WARNING* THIS IS A BIT OF A RANT, maybe a "1995-onward" fanboy rant_
Now I own a wide variety of games for different consoles, ranging from the PS1 and PS2 to N64 and Gamecube among other console titles. I loved these games back in the day, and I still enjoy them now. Being 20 years old, I have the power of buying whatever I want with the money I earn, so I can go back and get a lot of titles I used to own as well as games I didn't get a chance to try out. Examples being most of the PS2 Final Fantasy titles, the Metal Gear Solid series, Prince of Persia, Kingdom Hearts, Metroid Prime or the Gamecube Resident Evil titles. All these games I just mentioned, I never played before when they were released, but I can play them in their native modes on their respective consoles. There were many problems with game titles of their time, like how in Goldeneye on the N64 you could confront epic lag by blowing shit up excessively, Shadow of the Colossus with it's slight jaggy look and frame rate. or Final Fantasy VII with it's sharp ass polygon characters with no mouths or hands, but I could play them then and I can still play them now. 
NOW! My point is that people, SPECIFICALLY PS3 users, end up buying the HD updated versions of these great great titles for their console. God of War 1 and 2 are running at fast frame rates, clean ass visuals and trophy support. Shadow of the Colossus is a highly wanted title for the HD collection and will receive the same makeover as the rest of the games, but to me that's not the same game. You're not playing Shadow of the Colossus as intended by the developers, working with what they had and putting their blood, sweat and tears into such an amazing PS2 title that took advantage of the hardware, while being limited was still amazing for what they could do with it. That's why I bought a 60gb PS3 that can play PS2 games, so I can play these PS2 games in their entirety to this day, as it was supposed to be. 
A friend recently said that he wanted Konami to release a HD Metal Gear Solid update collection on the PS3, including the Gamecube remake Twin Snakes. That sent me in a fanboy rage, where I stated that Twin Snakes specifically can't leave the Gamecube, as to me it felt like everyone shitted on that particular console in comparison to the Xbox and PS2, but then here came this developer who showed that even a GC title can shine. Resident Evil 4 is an example of this too. It could be fanboy-ism, but to me I feel like playing these HD updated versions will make new gamers unaware of the times in the past, of how games used to be. Graphics don't make the game, but people still disagree with that comment to this day. 
Some titles I didn't really mind, because it allows me to experience them more conveniently, which is the counter argument to my statement. A lot of titles are getting shrunk for the PSP, Nintendo DS or even the GBA, with enhanced features such as the early FF titles before VII with it's updated new sprites, or games like Persona 3 losing it's exploration before a dungeon. But maybe what I'd like to see for some of the games is a HD remake, instead of a HD update. Remakes to me have the same heart as their original counterparts, with the people doing the job putting their effort into bringing it to todays age. Super Street Fighter II HD Remix with it's drawn characters, stages and remixed music, Bionic Commando Rearmed, with it's gorgeous visuals and amazing soundtrack, even Serious Sam HD with such a clean looking shiny. I know in some senses I may even have contradicted myself, but sometimes nostalgia plays hard in some of us gamers. 

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@Zapbrader said:
" Because two people gaming online can't see each others faces they have to play off each others intentions instead. This is where almost all conflicts start because its too easy for most people on a team to just want to play, while one or two other people are trying to take the game seriously. The latter gets frustrated with everyone else, and everyone has a bad time.   crusader8463 also speaks the truth, though I believe gaming tends to bring out the asshole in people rather than attract them. I'm no online gaming saint myself. "
That is true, though with some games you can balance the two. My only example I got based on what I play is Monster Hunter Tri. I'm very serious in the sense that I make sure that I don't die, I help out during the quest and keep my hindrance to the team at an all time low, I'm usually the one that does the most damage. However! I'm still firing away on Wii Speak to my friends or typing in the chat during these quests. But you're right, sometimes you get assholes or you get saints, somehow I found a group of assholes that typed in caps at my cousin to leave the play session because he died twice and a third death by anyone would mean we fail the mission. This is the internet, and anyone can be on it. Even them assholes.
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Hey y'all, I'm Katajero. I like to game, but when I'm not gaming I tend to think a lot about little quirky to big things. I'm a quiet dreamer who thinks a lot about games, theories and opinions and then finally express my ideas in a huge ejaculation... to my best friend and my cousin. This is one thing I've thought about that isn't really innovating, but may answer why it just isn't fun to game with certain people online or in split screen. 
I've noticed a trend with certain people, you can game with some just fine, and some gaming sessions with others are less than desired. But why you say?! Or who cares! I do of course, I'm the type of online gamer where if I'm not having fun or enjoying it, I'll feel very disconnected from the game and end up turning off the console much earlier. Now I realise why, and a good example is youtuber BlueXephos. You see, you can either go online to just play the game, and that's fine really. Call of Duty, go online, get lots of kills, win your objectives and then bugger off. Same with Halo, Battlefield, The Conduit, Monster Hunter, Uncharted, WoW etc. Then you got people that play it a little silly almost, they start roleplaying in the game, take on the character or act the stereotype. 
THESE are the people that make gaming fun, the role players. Now I don't mean where you absolutely talk like the character, say what he's got to say, act accordingly. What I actually mean is when you play Battlefield or Halo, you end up saying movie quotes, helping each other out and genuinely having a great time because you're bouncing off your friends a lot. Now this is where BlueXephos comes in, also known as Yogscast. They usually play games together, anything that may have multiplayer in it, mainly they play a lot of WoW and Minecraft together as well as doing quest maps and playing along to the story. Listen to them during their videos. Genuinely having fun instead of getting stressed out all the time.  This is really what gaming is supposed to be, rather than a Call of Duty mentality where you "JUST PLAY THE GAME, GET THE MOST KILLS, KILL KILL KILL, AW SHIT RUN RUN KILL, WOOOOOOOOOOOO SICK SHOT BRAH!" Which isn't bad by any means, that's how I usually play games when I'm on my own online, or just on Call of Duty,  you really can't goof around on the online multiplayer, well apart from Zombies.
So there you go, promote that tinge of role playing, don't just play the game, enjoy yourself and have fun! You playing Halo? Grab a chopper and tell everyone to "get to the chopper!" Monster Hunter? Complete a quest, hear the dramatic win music and say "Let's go home... and be family men..." Street Fighter? Pick Sagat, say "They call him... the king" and end up losing. Call of Duty? Watch Platoon and yell "TAKE THE PAIN! TAKE IT!" Halo:Reach? Crouch above your friend, staying silent on his radar... then leap onto him from above, hold that melee button and scream "BOOM SHAKALAKA!"  

 Be nice you assholes!       
Quick Edit: I kind of went off on one, but I forgot to mention something vital that was supposed to be right at the beginning of this post. THIS ISN'T TOTALLY AIMED AT EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET. I intially wrote this about a close friend of mine, within a gaming circle of me, my cousin, him and his brother. The whole concept of this blog was supposed to be about how some friends, no matter how much of a good friend they are, you just can't game with them all the time. Granted they'll loosen up sometimes, but not all the time.
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Yeah basically I thought in my free time, I might as well do something. But I'm a hardcore noob, so I suck at comics. AH WELL!  Practice makes perfect.

 Monster Hunter Tri's Wii Speak feature definitely feels tacked on.
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This sucks, I preordered it but I'm still waiting for it, that and my sweet Dalsim t-shirt

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I'm glad to find out where my Xbox Live Gold Membership money is going to, as I just finished a first run through of the Split/Second demo which arrived on the Xbox 360 today. It looks like the same demo they've been using for the E3 footage and most of the videos online.
Now this game is based on getting points for your power plays to use for thwarting the other racers. Power plays can range from simple attacks such as a helicopter hovering, when triggered will drop an explosive crate and hopefully affect someone unlucky enough to either receive it head first or be near it to feel the impact of the explosion. They can also be much bigger, resulting in bringing down aeroplanes to buildings for widespread damage or route altering attacks. They range from Level 1 to Level 3, of course 3 being the bigger and more powerful of the power plays. If you're a guy who thinks, "With all these power plays, I'd at least want a reason as to HOW I CAN DO THEM? It's not realistic unless it's explained to me" then you shouldn't really play video games. Well basically, just think of a reality TV show where they throw you into their created city and terrains and everything is rigged, with you holding the detonator for the various traps and route altering explosives.
Let me start and say, MY GOD. This game is amazing to watch and play. The sense of speed and action go hand in hand and gives you a total movie experience. You know what I mean, like when the main protagonist needs to escape from danger in a car and all hell is breaking loose around him. After all it is a reality TV show experience, so you'll notice from the get go that the camera follows you with a swerve here and there, let's call it "cinematic style" for now. This is further shown by the edges of the screen, with what looks like the edges of the lenses, probably to further say "Yo, you're looking through a camera, reality TV ho ho!" Graphically... I can't say since this is only just the demo, I mean we all saw God of War 3's demo and final game comparison didn't we? But with the nice hot summer look going on, sort of reminds me of California (I've never been, but I sure seens it on them danfangle television boxes!) Basically, it's a nice looking game, with blurs here and there in for the right situations and that sense of going fast.

Continuing on the notion of the "movie feeling" in the game at certain points, mine happened on my final lap when pretty much everyone had enough bars for power plays. Such an "epic" situation arose twice, firstly as I drove I noticed a skyscraper building blowing up in the back. As it fell, my eyes were fixed on it going down hitting the road in front of me, forcing me to follow a new route. The second moment was actually quite humorous, as I drove on the airstrip, I noticed a plane slowly falling down, until I thought, "Wait a minute... that plane is actually going to crash into the ground... no wait... it's going to fall on me! EVASIVE MANOEUVRE!" Sadly it crushed me but I ended up 1st thanks to some super quick cornering and Level 1 power plays. 
As they say, you can't play a game just based on one aspect of the game play, so it's good to say that the driving is actually really solid as well. Cornering was perfect to master and drifting was beneficial. Manoeuvring around explosions and terrain deformation was difficult yet possible. With Maybe a certain other video game can look to this to learn how to make their cornering and drifting more beneficial than hugging the walls... (Hint Hint Blur).
As a racing game, it's quite solid, but with the power plays, it raises the innovation within making a racing game more fun rather than a gruelling process of constantly being hit all the time and not allowing any catch up for players behind. I can't wait to get my hands on the final version and see the other tracks and power play moments. Maybe even play it online with my friends and drop aeroplanes on them too. POWERPLAY, DROP A PLANE ON YO' ASS SON!    

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