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Yeah, though it will be a while when I get the chance to play them. In due time I'll play them back to back.
Ah Borderlands! I'm enticed by the option to play co-op with your friends. However I've heard alot of bad things about that too, how the quests and story for the game kinda suck. But I'll get around to it! Not sure which platform to get it for yet though as none of my friends have it, though I know a lot of PS3 owners...
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 Hi my name is Katajero and I'm a fighter

I seriously don't know why, after being introduced to them after I got my first SNES, I started on Street Fighter 2, then moved onto Turbo, then Mortal Kombat 2, then finally Killer Instinct. Something about those fighting games remain in my mind to this day and I just love the complexity of the fights, from the tactical approaches to the hidden mind battles against your opponent. This generation, my mainly played fighting games have been Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. 
Being such a serious fighting game fan, I obviously have played through the ages of fighting games, when I had a PS1 I had many mixes of Street Fighter I couldn't wrap my head around. First of all was the weird and different but fascinating Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and it's far away brother sequel, Street Fighter EX2 Plus, then the super fast Alpha/Zero series. I also got a chance to play other fighters like Tekken to Tekken 3, sadly on other peoples consoles. Around the Xbox age I managed to snag a copy of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike as well as visit the old school age and play Soul Calibur and N64's Fighters Destiny. 
There's one game, that I wish I could love, just because of the huge community and love for this game, but I cannot. That game is... Marvel VS Capcom 2! WHY NOT? I mean sure... it boasts butt loads of characters, all from both the Marvel and Capcom universe! And sure...  it's jazz soundtrack is different but after hearing it for a while you'll love it! And also... sure it's gameplay is a little broken too, well whoopidoo... yeah. I just can't dig that game, no matter how much I tried! I hate the soundtrack with a passion, it just doesn't sound cool to me, not saying jazz sucks, just MvC 2 jazz isn't my... taste. I dig the character selection, again the idea of these Marvel characters and these Capcom character is a dream come true to many, but to be "pro" at MvC2 also requires you to be cheap, and select these "God tier" characters just to stand a chance. You know who I'm talking about, god damn Magneto, Cable, Storm, Doom... there's more but the rage is slowly filling up. This "broken" mechanic that the game touts as amazing and "fun" is really separating the crowd that are:
a) Trying to get into the game 
b) Just pro at it 
I love Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, it has more polish, the depth of the fighting mechanic is both easy to learn and quite deep, with so many set ups and combos, making it perfect for people who want to get into it and those seasoned fighters who want to try out something new in this generation. I don't have to spam the same thing over and over just because it's the only thing that can be done with the characters, if you were fighting someone and they somehow got you into an infinite combo where you're just being juggled by an uppercut again and again, I would throw my control down, swear at the game for being broken and go play a game with mechanics that aren't as dirty as low quick kicks in Tekken. Infact MvC2 is the Eddy Gordo of the fighting genre, with it's barrage of O and X.
It sounds like I'm hating on MvC2 for not being "noob friendly", but we were all "noobs" at one point. Seeing the tournament play of MvC2 just shows how much of a mess it is, how am I supposed to get that good, what tactic is there other than just being plain aggressive and over-powering your opponent with no option to fight back and a blitz storm of constant attacks, no matter how cheap they may look, it's pro apparently! NO! You just exploited the mechanics of an already broken game and shown us why the game shouldn't of been sold as a broken game in the first place! 
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@cap123: I see what you mean, I used to play BF2 a lot on the PC "back in the days". Even when they just spot for you, they're spotting to help out their team, there was alot of text chat telling people to go here or there too, and when you were holding off the enemy at the lines, there were medics and support throwing healing items and ammo everywhere in that area to help you keep on top of ammo... I miss team work... With COD, I guess it's that it works really well when you decide to go on a suicide mission, no one wants to talk tactics and just do their own thing is what I see most of the time. Not saying that it's bad that they're all doing their own thing! I end up doing my own thing all the time.
@mosdl: Yeah, I should really check out a clan server, in future I might buy BF:BC2 for the PC and do just that!
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 I find it funny how many people's minds get blown once they tried on their first glasses. Ultra HD eye sight when you get your glasses for the win! :P
But yeah, I got a 32'' TV in my room, but i sit a good 4 or 5 feet away from it and it looks fine, my living room has a 40'' and I sit a good 6 or 7 feet away from that, again with my glasses on, it looks fine to me, you're tv is just too big, and you're sitting too close, that's just it, TOO DAMN CLOSE, GET LONGER HEADPHONES, or a wire to extend the length :(

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@kishan6: Yeah, it seems like the PC version everyone is more co-operating with each other, maybe the mentality of a PC gamer online? I played MW2 on the PC and it's just like the consoles, no one talks, it's straight up everyone for themselves, but I tend to go in with a mini squad of 2 other friends with me :) alas, I don't want to have two copies of the same game... it makes the console version rather useless after I was told to buy it.    -_-
@Corpsegrinder:  lol team work doesn't seem to exist in Modern Warfare 2 most of the time, but maybe that's the upside to the 360 version, sure there are kids yelling profanities to each other, but atleast almost everyone has a headset, allowing them the option to even talk at all, when I used to play Gears of War online, I talked to alot of people on the same team and we were tactical as hell just cause we had headsets   :P
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I understand what you mean dude, when I used to play Wow and started doing group dungeon runs, they always just shout by your "role", not your name. Mind you my revenge for such robotic players was I ninja looted until they finally dropped my name :P

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Well this blog post has a reason behind it, after my previous one mentioning that I was going to go buy lots and lots of games and a new console (which I'll talk about later, fret not!), I decided to stick my video game journalistic dreams into the cogs of people at Gamestation in my local home town. Also it's the tiny state... because it may be a big deal, or not at all.
I was talking about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with the staff, mentioning that I'm one of the people that had been switched as soon as I played it. The staff agreed with me saying they made the switch too and are now sick and tired of Call of Duty:MW2. But I heard something more interesting, after bashing Modern Warfare 2 with some customers and the staff, something which I never knew or thought of before! EEEEE! 
One of the staff guys I was talking to mentioned that at the time, a lot of people came to buy Battlefield:Bad Company 2 on release day. That's good news, I liked the sound of that. But around half of that number that came to buy it came in and traded it back. What? WHAT?! Wait that makes sense. Okay! So yeah, they must of not liked the fact that the shooting was better in Bad Company 2, that they can't do their jumping 360 no scoping sniper shots and just lone wolf it everywhere. It makes sense, I felt Modern Warfare 2 had a very arcadey feel to it, but it was acceptable! For a while... But no, apparently, it's the fact that BC2 required you to work as a team, that the open maps requires that, yet people didn't work in teams at all once online. People often join matches where other players don't work with the squad they're in. In fact, you could say that's a huge plus M.A.G. has over Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2, the fact that MAG forces you in teams, then forces you in a squad within that team, then gives you extra points for doing what your team is designated to do, forcing that team to work together for the extra points! IT MAKES SENSE! 
But wait Katajero! What about COD then? Well... in that you could work as a team somehow, by relaying on your headset where people are... or not, a lot of people do fine on their own, doing the Mr. Lone Wolf, constantly darting around the map looking for meat. People may like it, after all, it's easy to kill people, but people feel satisfied with that. Bad Company 2, you have to sometimes unload half a clip into the enemy, or maybe they're just playing it wrong? :O
Ultimately, it sounded like for a PS3 owner, they were either:
"COD -> BF" 
"COD -> BF -> COD" 
"BF -> M.A.G." 
That's what I got from the end of the conversation. For 360 owners... 
"COD -> BF2" 
"COD -> BF2 -> COD"  
At the end of the god damn day... I bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PS3, I know 2 friends on my list who would play it with me, so I'm fine for a small squad of 3 or the rare chance we bump into someone else with a headset. Now if only some PS3 players actually hustled their asses and bought a headset... :P

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  I figure I should nail down some easy quests, so I was going to write something random or super short. I guess I'll try a stab at writing something more thrilling than "LAWL EAZY QUEST!" 
Today is a revelation, or revolution, whatever today is an important day! I've owned a PS3 and a Xbox 360 for a long time now, but I never seem to buy any decent games for it. Like the exclusives that come out, for example I never bought God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, I haven't played Mass Effect 1 or 2... yeah I'm a terrible gamer. But today marks the day where I get serious and support this consoles! Now that my... ahem... "money" has come in, I'm going to do the honourable thing and catch up on what's hot with the PS3 and Xbox 360! :D 
Funnily enough, I've also got plans to pick up a Nintendo Wii. Yeah I know, "WHAT YOU HAVEN'T GOT ONE YET?!" Well hold your horses Murdoch, I bought the Wii on it's release date in the UK, day one purchase! But after a year I traded it in for an Xbox 360... seen as though there weren't any really good games near the release date. But now that the Motionplus is out which does what Nintendidn't do on day 1... urgh gimmicks... ¬_¬ 
But now there are decent games! Super Smash Bros Brawl is great to play with friends, RPG's are hitting the Wii now, Motionplus games are out like Red Steel 2 as well as many sport titles and of course there's Tatsunoko vs Capcom in the UK, adding onto that many other great titles... So yeah, you see why I want a Wii now, then I'll have all the consoles for this generation, and I'll have the games that represent them finally! 
I figure I'll get Mass Effect 1 and 2, Gears of War 1 and 2 and anything else I might spot for the Xbox 360. PS3 wise... I might pick up BF:Bad Company 2, possibly Killzone 2 and other than that... maybe Metal Gear Solid 4 seen as though I haven't finished that... though I got MGS2 and MGS3 sitting on my shelf right now, which haven't yet been played... For the Wii I figure I'll go first with what I love, No More Heroes! (No More Heroes 2 is not out in the UK yet... WTF!?) Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort (hey don't be giving me that glare... I just want the Motion Plus, that is all), Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, MAYBE House of the Dead:Overkill (I love the humour, plus playing it with friends makes it way more humorous) and finally... POSSIBLY The Conduit, you know... seen as though they PERFECTED THE CONTROLS FOR A BLAND FPS, but I might aswell experience them damn controls... and that's it! I'll obviously look at the Wiiware too, some hot titles here and there. 
That concludes my first post! Hopefully I'll pick up a capture card too, and start reviewing games! It's the dream. Now give me my damn quest completion!

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I just hope they make it a little less "clunky", UFC 2009 Undisputed felt really mechanical to me, in the sense that it didn't have a dynamic feel to the actual gameplay. But I'll play it regardless if the clinching is handled a whole lot better.

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Well this Sony version of Wii Sports + Resorts seems to be good, so long as they add the decent games into it instead of stuff like that Wave Race like one in Resorts, for me that didn't click well, wasn't a lot of fun, either that or I was just doing it wrong. 
I wonder how they're going to sell this, the thought of a "Wii Sports" like game being sold on the shelves along with other games feels... odd... unless they provide a lot of content/depth :)

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