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It looks like it's set for the 15th at 2pm eastern 11am pacific.

This seems like a terrible time... a lot of people will already have their PS4's by then. I was hoping it would be prior to the launch.

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Topic says it all, I really enjoyed the livestreams they did with the Vita and the Wii U and would like to see them doing the same for the PS4. Does anyone know if this is planned?

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I didn't give a fuck about consoles and was just going to stick to PC, but I'm getting this. Going to buy 3 at midnight launch.

I was really pissed off when Microsoft banned my GFWL gamertag when I pissed them off by trolling them on PartnerNet with my Dev Kit (before they started IP whitelisting). They got mad and perma banned my account I never did anything wrong on and only had Steam games on.

Guess it's time to create an xbox live account again.

seek help

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The official abbreviation for this is the XBO and its pronounced X-BOOOOOOOOO. ( Similar to when Jeff talked about Big BOOOOOOOOOO from that one bad game. )

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Can this thing play games?

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New Tie Fighter or no thanks.

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I don't know how you screw up blatantly ripping off a game like Smash Bros, but this game managed to do it. Their attempts at changing the game to make it different just made it worse.

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Great article Patrick!

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No seriously, how did this entire article get written without mention of the Monolith Xeno game they showed at the end? Sounds like someone didn't watch the whole thing or they never played Xenoblade, the best RPG made in the past several years.