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Just picked the game up yesterday. Going through and adding everyone I can, feel free to add. Should come up under the name "Orphan".

Friend Code: 0748-2822-8505

Edit: If you're on this page of the thread and had a valid friend code (unless I just entered it wrong), I added you.

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@alternate: I had never heard it mentioned any where before and was surprised when I came across it, just wanted to make sure it was a known issue. Great if they know of it already, kinda sucks though if they are unable to do anything about it.

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@LordAndrew: I was unsure how something like this would need to be reported. My first thought was to report it as a bug on the forums.

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@AlisterCat: I usually watch TNTs on JustinTV / TwitchTV, but at the time I was not on my computer and happened to be browsing the videos on my phone. I figured that it was something worth reporting due to the fact that premium content and premium memberships was a source of income for the site, they would want to know if there was a way around having to pay.

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@TheKramer89: Did I do something that was a bannable offense?

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I did a quick browse to see if there were any threads with this topic already and I did not see any, so I apologize if there happened to have been one and I missed it. I am also not sure if this goes in Bug Reporting, but it is the topic that makes the most sense to me.

I currently do not have a premium account, I apologize for that. However, I happened to have been on the GiantBomb App on my smartphone and was browsing the videos section when I saw the most recent TNT available with Cards Against Humanity. I went to watch the video and it happened to load right away, seeing everyone floating in space and playing cards. I later checked on my computer to see if TNT happened to have been changed from being premium content to regular content and on my PC, it is still flagged as premium and can not be viewed. I also checked with my phone to see if it was just that one video I could view and I could also watch other TNTs as well as Breaking Brad.

Short version: I can watch premium videos on my phone without a premium membership.