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Seth MacFarlane is a funny talented guy. The arguments usually against him are either weird, wrong or unaware of the subjectivity of art.

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I haven't gone through the other posts here but responding strictly to the original poster... the question regarding if certain kinds of violence is necessary is, ultimately, not a relevant question or even a debate worth having.

As a fan of free speech and of art, I want the developers of any artistic product to be able to fully express themselves no matter what. Thats the beauty of art. Your opinion, my opinion... none of it matters, nor should it. I want to be able to see what the developers wanted to do.

Now, if you change your product because it has a loud, vocal minority getting offended at moments of violence in it... I understand why you do so from a business perspective but I tend to lose respect for you, artistically speaking.

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first Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Nerdist then this?! what an age we live in...

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I love how nearly 10.7 trillion people have commented on this

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you've won.

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I've actually been seriously thinking about this.

the opening of the film would resemble The Social Network, with Jeff running home having just been let go from Gamespot.

Giant Bomb, The

Director: David Fincher

Screenplay: Steve Zailian or Aaron Sorkin

Director of Photography: Roger Deakins

Jeff: Tay Diggs

Ryan: Bryan Cranston

Brad: Aziz Ansari

Vinny: Milo Ventimiglia

Alex: Mathew Lillard

Patrick: Aziz Ansari

Rorie: Aziz Ansari

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oh my god, that is amazing. before I clicked the link, I thought it would be something like "Can I borrow a feeling?" with a awkward photo of Vinny on the cover.

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is it me or does every FPS look alike? there's always a gun near the center of the screen and its always shooting other characters. I just cant quite figure this out.

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Jeff was the original Tyler

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Hotline Miami 2

The Witcher 3


Dark Souls 2