My Back Log Project

I've been thinking about the amount of money I spend on games and the rate at which I finish them. I would be lying to say that I don't move onto the latest and greatest before I finish the game I am currently playing. Its a sad fact, your friends get the new multiplayer game and you jump on. Your poor abandoned friends in a JRPG or the folks in Skyrim wait around for you to never return.

I don't know how far back most people care to go on their backlogs but I am willing to go back to the PS1 era. I loved JRPGs at a point in my life but they really can be a drag when you share the house with people who want to watch TV. They also look pretty terrible on the large screen. The Vita's addition of allowing you to play PS1 games opened up a world of games that I thought I would never play again. The PSP did this but I never really got into that platform for whatever reason. I had a few games for it but it just never clicked for me.

My other big problem was that I was an avid WoW player at the tail end of the last gen and probably up to the middle of this current gen. Many of those games never got finished and its likely that I am only going to finish Final Fantasy 12 and Dragon Quest 8 from that gen. Again, its hard to take over the tv so I don't know how much of that is actually reasonable.

My plan is to finish the games I start this year and to finish the games I have started in years past. I am a game jumper by nature. I can play something very hard core for a long time and at other times just jump from game to game to game as the mood suits me. I will try to post what I am playing, how far I have come track my level ups for the year. I think I will just post the level up updates at the end of each month.

The VITA is my primary platform of choice and if you aren't a Vita or PC fan you might get bored fairly quickly with my updates (like anyone is reading this anyway).

Currently Playing:

Diablo 3

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Gravity Rush

Persona 4 Golden

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Sly Copper Thieves in Time

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Posted by Boiglenoight

After finishing Twilight Princess I had my buddy Joe pick my next back log game out of my CD case. He chose Dead Space, which I dreaded because I had no idea what was going on (latest save game had a time stamp of 02/11/2011). I stuck with it though, and I'm glad I'm finally getting my money's worth. A good scary sci-fi story with graphics that are still fantastic for a game that was released in 2008.