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@ahaisthisourchance: Yeah, the PSP has a ton of good games. I wasn't that into the PSP before but I have bought a dozen PSP games since I got the Vita.

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The marketing has been next to nothing. I think with game systems you have to get the core excited and reach our to a wider audience from there. I think its definitely time to start that move. But what is the reason for the marketing campaign? Whats the new feature, product, price break, game etc to excite potential buyers?

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@Yadilie: Sorry, your princess is in another castle.

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@Boiglenoight: That trivia thing is a good idea. If you wanted to cheat it, you would have to spoil the ending. SMB: Who was in the castle in world 8-4? Princess Peach. (figure that spoiler isn't going to upset anyone).

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This post was mainly a vent on my bad luck. The customer service lady was heartless and I don't know what I expected. Worst of all I had foot surgery today so I was expecting to just kick back with a few new psp games on the couch. Now I am on the laptop wishing the deal was still on. 

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True but steam normally lets you know when the sale ends.  Either way. I got assed out and just feel like shit. 
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I've bought 1 item from the PSN store since I got a ps3/psp. With all this PSPgo hype I thought I would check out the store. I found a few games that looked like they were worth my money. I went out and bought a $50 dollar PSN card. I didn't know at the time  the games I wanted had a timed discount. I added the funds to my account. I logged back into the store. Noticing my items were deleted from the cart I proceeded to add them back. Guess what? Almost all of the games doubled in price since I added them to my cart yesterday. There isn't one game on the store I want for the price now. Great, I have $50 bucks on my PSN account and I there is nothing I want (for the price). If I had known I would have got the card the day before or whatever. I feel like I've been cheated. I can't even get my money back from the retailer I bought it from.  
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Also customer service didn't even say sorry or try to empathize with me. There is still a lot to be said about customer service in the retail environment. I don't know why but it seems I have the worst luck buying digital things from anyone not named itunes, steam, xbox live or amazon.  

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@Axersia: Well there you go. I had no idea it existed before today and my source was previously a text from comic con. I just did a google search for the other source. Thanks for clarifying it though Axersia.
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