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Seems awfully quick, wonder if it will have the issues unity had...

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@humanity: I agree scripted things such as these can be a bit shotty. Its not uncommon to come across over blown or unrealistic, That said as you mentioned trying is a good move. The method may not be the greatest but the discussion is where it really matters.

In my own experience, I was fortunate to have friends male and female who would game in pretty significant ways; Halo, Star Craft, and the like. But as years went on I do feel the environment has pushed them away.Other than the occasional game of Smash Brothers on either the Wii or Wii U there has been a pretty larger drop off.That said no issue is ever based upon one or two reason but almost always is a multifaceted thing. Would they come back if things changed I do not know. But at least if things changed for newer generations coming up to games maybe that not a bad thing at all.

At least there is more and more of a start rippling in the community time will tell its affect.

Side note: @patrickklepek Great article and links as always. Would Bayonetta be a good game to pick up if say you could only play every so many weeks? 2 or 3 apart lets say. Sadly my current schedule makes it a bit impossible to sit down fully with one game, and I do own a Wii U that sees limited use but not sure if I could squeeze that in. Cheers.

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@sub_o said:

As an Indonesian, hell yeah! Indonesia does have some weird horror stories. I'm waiting for stories like Pontianak, the spirit of dead pregnant woman, that according to the tales, she appears in woods while holding her baby and brushing its head.


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good stuff, always great to hear the other sides we dont often get a chance to see of the crew and a healthy discussion

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man I had to watch this after the read, its nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well that will be helpful less of a pain to shut it all down and boot it all back up later

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Zelda news is alright but kinda was hoping for more from Nintendo. Smash bro hopefully is out with biggest roster yet and they hopefully add cross play between the versions.

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cant believe it, all the best to fam and friends

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Very cool read, a bit surprised to see that the War model didn't change too much from the original test. But also glad to see he turned out the way he did :)

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soooo any news on any other games? I would really like to see what goes onto this little andriod machine