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I have an "awesome" spider story, and it is the cause of why I hate spiders so much. Especially little ones. I finished my graduation, and wanting to save my dress since my grandmother made it for me, we put it into a garbage bag and sealed it. Unbenownst to me a spider had made a nest (or two or three) in it or on it, I am not too sure. A little while later, not much, a few weeks, perhaps a month, I was invited to another grad, so I opened the bag, took the dress out and hanged it from the ceiling -- over my bed, and put the garbage bag on my bed.

I worked til late at night and came home and crashed. I woke up to many spiders crawling over me. I do not think I have screamed that loud or stayed in the shower that long ever in my life. Not a pleasant experience. Needless to say that grad dress, along with my bedding went into the garbage and my room got fumigated.

They are evil.

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One game for a console, one game for the pc and one game for the handhelds at a time, so I am never running more than three at a time. Although, for some reason my currently playing list is longer than three.  Hmm.

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Do you own your house? If not a downpayment on a home is always a good investment.  If you are talking about splurging some money on yourself, perhaps if there are some new things you want to learn you could take a few courses you never thought you could afford. 
 Vacation somewhere new! Think about the places you possibly never got to visit and really want to.   I'm always the silly make a list person, so I would end up making a list of what I really needed versus wanted, but the house would definitely be the first on my list.

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Atlus always tends to eat away at my paycheques.  It's all good though. I think I spend more time playing them so the money to enjoyment ratio works out.

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Adventure games might be a bit of a stretch if she dislikes complexity.  Some of them can be quite hard in figuring out what goes where. I suggest Mahjong or Half a Minute Hero. Try Desktop Dungeons for something a bit roguelike. If you want some easier adventure games go with some of the Telltale ones. Hope that helps.