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I can't help but find everyone's desire to have him join the GB staff kind of funny. When Matt and Brad joined the team, people were quick to complain that all the extra content was just diluting the quality. Yet, strangely enough, as soon as a Gamespot veteran leaves, they want them to join GB. You all do realize that would mean an ever higher quantity of content, right?  
Am I the only one who finds this irony kind of funny?

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@ThatFrood: So if I understand correctly, you can have more than one type of research if you have multiple buildings? (e.g. 2 barracks, of which one researches stimpacks, the other shields, and both researches being applied to units created at either barrack?)  I hope that made sense lol.
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I was going to just make a topic with a whole bunch of questions of my own, but figured I might as well make a thread for all new players to pose their questions, and, hopefully, have them answered by more experienced players. I'll try my best to keep this post updated with the questions and answers supplied by the users. So before you pose a new question, be sure to check if it's already been answered. 
Now I just hope this thread doesn't turn into a huge fail. 
So, here's some noob questions of my own: 

Terran Questions

How Many Unit Upgrades Can I Research?

@ThatFrood said:

" Research done at any building applies to all units for the rest of the game. Meaning that if you research something in a tech lab for one barracks, it applies to them all. Research can only be done one at a time if it is just one building, but if you have several you can make each start researching a different tech at the same time. "




" If you research stimpacks at a barracks, all of your barracks units will have stimpacks. Forever. It doesn't matter where the marines were made, if they were made in a barracks or magically floated in from space, once you've researched stimpacks anywhere, it'll apply to all of your units. "



" @Kazona said:

" @ThatFrood: So if I understand correctly, you can have more than one type of research if you have multiple buildings? (e.g. 2 barracks, of which one researches stimpacks, the other shields, and both researches being applied to units created at either barrack?)  I hope that made sense lol. "

No matter where you do research, it effects all of your units that the upgrade is for. "


Can I Have Multiple Building Upgrades?

@ThatFrood said:

" The Barracks can have either a tech lab or a reactor. Once you build one the other becomes unavailable, unless you lift up your barracks and decouple the add-on. Then you can build the other addon after landing. "


Q:How Do I Prevent Rushes?  (by HandsomeDevil)

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" @HandsomeDevil said:

"How do I prevent rushes? I always think I have enough troops, but then the other dude always has 10 times as much. Am I missing something? I play Terran by the way. "

If the enemy has more troops than you then he has a better economy. From the onset you should be building scvs as often as possible, stopping only to build depots and a barracks. Terran can stop rushes fairly handily by blocking off the ramp entrance into their base with their big, bulky buildings. 2-3 supply depots and one barracks is usually enough. To leave the base you only need to lower a depot. "
@Osaladin said:

"   @HandsomeDevil: As Terran you should have your base walled off with 2 supply depots and a barracks. Spawn a marine and have him stand behind the wall (in your base) he can repel pretty much any rush. The only thing you'll have to be careful of is a baneling bust, but if you do sufficient scouting, you'll be able to spot the baneling nest and you can react by doubling your wall off with more supply depots.   But don't get yourself trapped and just turtle, you should harass your opponent quite often in early game. Build the units you need to harass based on the race you're going against.  That's my two cents from playing and watching videos. I am by no means a pro or anything close, but I have read up and experimented with the game quite a bit. Hope that helped! "

@sixghost said:                                          

" Like someone said, learn to construct a wall at the top of your ramp. If for some reason you don't have a wall, don't be afraid to pull your SCVs to help you fight, if your opponent has an unusually high number of units early on in the game, they must have sacrificed their economy, so you can lose some scvs and still be in good shape.

Other than that, just improve your scouting. Maybe you just aren't scouting early enough or aren't keeping your scout alive for long enough, but if you know what's coming it's 100x easier to defend. If you aren't fast enough to constantly keep bouncing back and forth from your main base to your scout, use shift+right click to queue up waypoints for your scout, so it will keep on moving regardless of whether or not you are watching it.

Also, when you are playing zerg, keep your scout off the creep since it allows zerglings to move much faster, meaning your scout will die much quicker.

If you do all that and are still losing to rushes, it just means that you don't have the correct amount of units at the time of the rush, which means something is wrong with your build orders.

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I'm completely new to SC2, and mostly new to RTS games, so I'm wondering if I should finish the campaign before getting into multiplayer, or if I should get my feet wet as soon as possible. 

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If less crashes qualified as a feature request, I know what I'd be voting for.

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I hope Halo: Reach outsells MW2, but I don't think it will, and here are my reasons why: 

  • Modern Warfare 2's "realistic" setting is more recognizable than Halo's Sci-Fi setting.
  • I think MS isn't marketing Reach as heavily as they did Halo 3. (Could be wrong about this)
  • MW2 was released closer the the holidays, and while games can sell in other days of the year, the holidays still see higher sales in general.
The second and third reasons could be overcome, but the first one would pose more of a challenge. 
But, as doubtful as I think it is, I'm still hoping it will outsell MW2.
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Looking at my collection, I could pick a couple out that I consider to have good stories, but poor storytelling. But for the sake of readability, I'll stick to just one game, namely Modern Warfare 2. That game had a lot of potential in its story, but it wasn't realized because it suffered from over-saturation. 

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I'll be getting back into WoW once Cataclysm comes out. So if I remember to, and I can find this thread again by then, I'll post my info here when the time comes.

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Ok, I have to ask, what the hell does GL HF mean? 

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Neither link works :(