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If less crashes qualified as a feature request, I know what I'd be voting for.

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I hope Halo: Reach outsells MW2, but I don't think it will, and here are my reasons why: 

  • Modern Warfare 2's "realistic" setting is more recognizable than Halo's Sci-Fi setting.
  • I think MS isn't marketing Reach as heavily as they did Halo 3. (Could be wrong about this)
  • MW2 was released closer the the holidays, and while games can sell in other days of the year, the holidays still see higher sales in general.
The second and third reasons could be overcome, but the first one would pose more of a challenge. 
But, as doubtful as I think it is, I'm still hoping it will outsell MW2.
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Looking at my collection, I could pick a couple out that I consider to have good stories, but poor storytelling. But for the sake of readability, I'll stick to just one game, namely Modern Warfare 2. That game had a lot of potential in its story, but it wasn't realized because it suffered from over-saturation. 

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I'll be getting back into WoW once Cataclysm comes out. So if I remember to, and I can find this thread again by then, I'll post my info here when the time comes.

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Ok, I have to ask, what the hell does GL HF mean? 

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Neither link works :(

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People are always negative about new things until someone proves that it can work. I don't know how anyone could make an MMO work on consoles, but I'm sure someone will figure it out eventually. 
Also, ignore the dicks making fun of your language skills. I bet almost none of them would even understand more than ten words of your language.

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Ok, that is obviously a bad parent. If my kids talk back to me like that, I'll grab them by their perky little ears, and drag them right out of the store.

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1. Kazona 
2. Completely new to Starcraft, so whatever's good for getting my skill up 
3. No skill at the moment, will do one soon as I get the hang of it a bit more 
4. Kazona / 453 
5. Dunno yet 
6. Netherlands (GMT +1) 
7. Umm.. Maybe. lol 
8. Currently only have skype installed, but I'm willing to install ventrilo or use b.net voice

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Just got the game myself, and I'll be playing on the EU servers. If anyone wants to add me, my username is the same as here (Kazona).