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The long stainless steel thing with a sharp edge that's extremely good for cutting off people's heads 

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I hated having the bottom bar take up screen space. It's much better where it is now. And you can still see all your mail.

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The content is simply too old for most people to care about. The newer something is, the more people will be interested in it; the older it gets, the more interest fades. Microsoft knew this, which is why they made the deal for a timed exclusive, so everyone that was really interested in the DLC, would buy the game on the 360. They also knew that people who bought GTA4 on the PS3 would be likely to lose interest by the time DLC for that console came along.

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This calls for a video! 

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Even though I never played the first one (No PS3), I'm happy that Sucker Punch isn't afraid to make some serious changes to the game.

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Very odd that there is no information regarding this, whatsoever. Not just that, it's bad form too. Cheaper or not, I'm certain there will be some pissed off people when they discover that the hard drive is smaller than advertised.

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At least they're not just rehashing the original, which makes me more positive about this remake.

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If Criterion can't revive this franchise, no one can.

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3D booty!

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This game will automatically be 5 stars if you can add extra limbs to your body!