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I just started playing this game again after i got a ps3 slim and lost my save file which sucks because i had nearly everything unlocked but anyways i want to unlock the fencer but i simply can't beat not even normal mode as blue knight, i leveled strength first which seems to have been a mistake.

So if anyone is still playing this game and are willing to give me a hand just finishing up the last few bosses (im struggleing with the horde of foes just before the necromancer), i'd appreciate it alot.

PSN: Kazzurak

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1. Danish

2. English

3. French (some)

4. German (very little but i somewhat understand what theyre saying / writeing)

and i answered 4+

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@McGhee: No it just seems like a way for the americans to live in their little bubble where they do everything for everyone, and i never said it was an insult, it just seems lame that instead of watching an original movie they have to make the movie in english

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Why dont you just watch the original swedish version? o.O

EDIT: Was meant to McGhee

But why watch both versions?

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Dude Movember is over get over it

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i dont know where youre from but in Denmark you practically have to jump (with suicidal intentions) not to get ensurance from the driver

EDIT: Also this was definitely her fault, i had no idea what you meant by zebra but i just realized what you mean and nomatter what (especially because you were on the zebra area it is her fault)

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Im playing 1h sword + shield on default difficulty i dont seem to have any problems but i havent messed with difficulties yet it seems fine the default one just level smithing and make full steel armor the moment you get to Riverwood, thats what i did worked out alright

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@kwyee: unexpected turns are great but not if it means that the main villain of the game doesnt die by your hand. Fine they killed a DeWynter sister there's 2 but i dont see a reason for the second sister to join you really

@Scotto: Seriously stop the arguments about Saints Row not being story oriented i dont care but really i couldnt have much fun with a game if it was ONLY open world without some sort of goal, i know what i got myself into when i bought SR3 i love the games action i just think its lacking in so many spots fx the story which i happen to hate, and the clothing options is lacking as well tbh theres really not many options considered they already outfitted everyone in the game with clothes you cant buy. If they at least make it so that everything you see other people wear you can buy somewhere yourself it would be fine

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@senorfuzzeh: Thanks :D