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Looks like the handheld versions are out tomorrow (30th), with the console versions on the 13th.

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Available now!

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Yeah, so I originally created this just to get the quest out of the way, but now I gotta say that this Quest idea is friggin' genius.  Long ago, I set GB as my home page, but I typically scroll through new topics, then move on.  I've been stuck on the site for the last couple hours, hunting down quests.
As a self-professed Acheivement whore, this is NOT what I need!!!
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I'm definitely getting the CE, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna shell out more $$ for the PipBoy alarm clock.  So tempting, though.

The greatest thing I find about the CE's is that, even though they say they are limited editions and supplies are limited, there's always more than enough at my local Best Buy and because it's considered limited edition, it goes on clearance QUICK.  The Halo 3 and Devil May Cry 4 CEs were on clearance about a month after they were released.  Because Best Buy wants to get rid of their clearance items ASAP, I got both for 1/2 price.  At the time, it was cheaper to get Halo 3 CE than just the game.