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Having to buy new plastic instruments makes this DOA.

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I actually think this is written really badly and unprofessionally. These are terms of service, not a chat with your bros. Also twitch seems quite prudish with some of this.

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This is capitalism, any good thing becomes worse over time due to greed.

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I think the main thing I and a lot of people felt about your articles last week can be summed up pretty simply: they looked very low-effort. They frequently went up with confusing phrasing and loads of typos and the subject matter was incredibly simple compared to the longer, well-researched articles you tend to put up. Sure, some of them had interesting subject matter, but they could've been presented with more information (there's been many good articles in the past about how other companies have dealt positively or humorously with pirates and having overview of those would've been a nice addition) and/or have just been better put-together. Hopefully you take this into mind!

This 100%. You've put out some great work but last week's just felt a little lazy in places. Keep trying new stuff though, better to do things wrong a bit than be stagnant.

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I got an e-mail for Buy One, Get One this morning from Amazon for pre-ording a game. I only pre-ordered Need for Speed so I threw Killzone in there too, because why not.

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Updated review scores aren't necessarily bad, but in this case the reason it was needed was bad. Polygon giving that score when they did was fantastically irresponsible, how many sales did that help along in the last days before launch? Hopefully it forces them to show more restraint in the future.

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Interesting read and a good follow-up. I really hope for a day when the games industry isn't so ignorant and foolish about issues like this.

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@alibson said:

Giant Bomb is my number one stop for extremist feminist propaganda.

So you don't get any then because this is stuff that should be common sense?

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@AlexanderSheen said:

@ck1nd said:

This movement will do nothing more than generate a little bit of twitter buzz and give some people Meme material. To actually combat sexism you need to start attacking it's stem, and not the branches. This industry (gaming) is nothing but a branch and will get everyone no where except a couple of internet kudos points for being progressive.

This is what I was talking about here in the comments, but I mostly got shit for it. Sexism is clearly a problem but this hashtag movement thing is just simply not enough, at least that's what I think.

Well, then it's too bad this is the single only thing ever done to try and combat sexism, you called out that one correctly.

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These comments make me sad, many of you are part of the problem, a big part. Why is asking to treat others with respect such an issue? It should be second nature. Stop tearing down those around us for whatever superficial reason you can find, just be respectful.

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