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Look, I've played 21 hours of horde mode alone.. I say this to note that I know what I'm referencing.
This dude was smacking people with a golden lancer.  Standing there and smacking people.  No revving, just that swift elbow move. There is no way it was a hammer burst because he had a sniper rifle on his back.  It was odd.. I can only chalk it up to a glitch.

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I am talking about while you are standing there.  I guess this could have been a glitch.  The odd thing is that the dude killed a wretch and then smacked another guy.  Maybe I was lagging and didn't see him switch guns.

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So, I've asked around no one will me how to smack someone with the lancer.   I was under the impression you couldn't smack anything with the lancer. Five minutes ago I saw someone do it repeatedly and he would not answer my pleas.
Someone freakin' tell me. 

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Hey, I am always up for horde mode.

GT- Mckeagan

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Yes, I can't enough of the boltok pistol.

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I haven't had too many posts.
:) But here:

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MrMiyagi said:
"siLVUR said:
"My God, I think I'll go buy a 360 now. Just for that.

Imagine,  I could just rent games and install them. Better yet, borrow them from friends. I'd NEVER have to purchase a single 360 game. EVER."
You do know that the disc needs to be in the tray for you to be able to play the game... right?"
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HannibalKing said:
"These avatars need more customization options. Especially for the hair; there is no dreadlock option! Usually dreads look stupid in video games. I want my avatar to look like myself, because i'm sexy , i want my avatar to be sexy as well."
There is a dreadlock option.
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How aggravating.

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I have had a lot of problems with my box freezing.

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