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Just ordered mine from

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The video player works perfect for me. On the old one, it would stop an hour in and replay the audio only from the beginning. I had to download any video over an hour long before, but now I can watch them on the site no problem.

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My opinion on The Last of Us went from "I should check this out" to "FUCK THIS GAME, FUCK NAUGHTY DOG, FUCK EVERYONE WHO RECOMMENDED IT!" when someone told me the game's story with zero regard for spoilers. If I had played through that game to get that conclusion I would have snapped the disc in two out of sheer rage.

That said, I think you can safely assume I would not have given the game a good review. On the flipside, I was just as angry at game reviewers for their poor scores for Fallout New Vegas. Yes, I had to reboot my 360 multiple times due to hard locks and crashes (And I played the game ten months post release with all the patches) and the reason I did this was because the game's story and world drew me in like nothing else prior; not even Fallout 3 had that kind of grip on me.

So, yeah...unlike the OP I want game reviewers to give me a complete and honest review of a game and Tom Chick clearly did that because his review starts with "I really liked the story, but goddamn you have to put up with a lot of gameplay bullshit" and that summarizes most games that the gaming press and gamers piss themsleves with joy over and it's refreshing to hear one of you finally come out and say it.

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I've been through a rough time with Ryan's passing and I haven't really had anyone to talk to about it, but reading the forums here and on NeoGAF has helped. I know I'm not alone in my grieving for Ryan.

I didn't want to get out of bed today because it's Tuesday and Ryan won't be there to tell me that.

Last night, I ordered pizza for dinner and spent the night in bed, watching old clips of the Bombcast and quicklooks with Ryan on YouTube.

Knowing how I feel, I can't imagine what it's like for his friends and family and my heart aches for them.

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I've been playing video games since the days of the NES and never felt a need or desire to attach a camera to any of my consoles nor have I had much of a need for a camera in a console. If Sony had to drop the camera to get PS4 to $399, then I consider that a worthwhile sacrifice.

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@zeik: If I were in your situation I'd take the $400 out on Black Friday and get a new TV then pick up a PS3 with my tax return.

You could get a 40" now for $400

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I had to force myself to get PS+ and my only regret was not getting it sooner, so throwing multiplayer behind the best goddamn paid gaming service ever isn't even a concern. At this point, if you own a PS3, Vita, or both but don't have PS+, you need to get PS+ right the fuck now.

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@jz: The money he saves by living in that shithole allowed him to buy a PS4.

Sarah Greene ain't dropping those panties for a guy with (Laughs) a PS3.

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Back in 2006, I picked the Xbox 360 as my primary console because I felt like the direction Microsoft was going with the console was closest to my wants from a console. "PS3 has Blu-ray? I want a game machine, not an entertainment device!" "$599 media center versus $399 game machine? Easy choice."

The tide begain to change around 2010, as Microsoft seemed to move away from me and Sony moved towards me. Now, I feel like the two have reversed themselves.

What I'm saying is this: For me, it's not about the DRM, used games, etc. It's about who's giving me what I want. Back in February, Sony showed off a bunch of games, gave out some impressive information for a beast of a game-focused console, and then backed that up last night. Microsoft continued down the path they've been on since 2010 and confirmed they don't want me as a customer.

Between Wii U and PS4, I'll be just fine this console generation without the Xbox One. I could have found room in front of my TV for Xbox One, too, but I don't need a multimedia device I can control with my voice and gestures that can livestream TV while looking for a multiplayer match. I need a games machine that offers a rich and diverse library of titles.