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I'm betting this will be "Standing around drinking." I don't see a problem with that! I went to one a few pax's ago and it was a blast. All the GB guys are approachable and cordial. At that one, there were a bunch of other industry guys like Jeff Green stopping by too. If you're at PAX and are a fan over 21 there's NO reason not to go.

See ya there, duders!

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Feel free to add me, duders!

GT: LordKeegs

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Cool write up! I was trying to find places I recognized too as a PGH native. They do mention some actual places too, such as there's a note you can find where they mention "Troy Hill."

Thanks for the post!

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To all of you guys @ Giant Bomb, I'm truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

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I shalt follow thee who follows meh!

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@_k1_ said:

No Paul Barnett is bad, but I'm hoping that there will be no Leigh Alexander to balance it out.

This ^

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"We need people to make different doors in the same #dungeons. #DragonAgeIIII"

Haha ok that's not fair, DA II is the first BioWare game that didn't exceed my expectations!
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Yay - bring on MOAR creepy mindflayer badguys!