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Which bombcast is this from?

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Is there any chance you could add something to deal with games that aren't in the GB Wiki? When I do a search for a game, and the app finds nothing, that's it, nothing else I can do. It would be great if I could at that point make some sort of 'add this game' request, so that the game doesn't fall through the cracks.

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Push Notifications are definitely in my plans, but they require messing with web services and I have very important features yet to make. I'm thinking about integrating with Reminders until I get to that, so at least users will be notified.

I think this can purely be accomplished using local notifications, no need for push.

Great app, I was going to start fiddling with Obj-C to make one like it myself, but now I don't have to.

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Great, thanks!

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I see the Vinn Co black/yellow print shirt is out of stock currently. Is this going to come back in stock, or should I snatch up a navy shirt while they're still available?

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Looks like y'all hosed the RSS feed history. The complete list of current items in that feed are parts 2, 3, and 4 of the PlayStation 4 Launchstravaganza. I was wondering why my podcast app didn't catch part 1 of that; it was never in the RSS feed to begin with.

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This issue trickled down to the RSS feed. The video file link in the RSS feeds is invalid. Fortunately my podcast reader has a manual download option, so I was able to grab the correct file that way.

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I've had a similar issue in the past. I found the cause was that the email address is case sensitive. iOS was auto-capitalizing the first letter in my email address, which caused it to fail. Fully lower-case worked fine.

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I have the same issue. Only 15 items in a feed is pretty low, especially when you have big events like E3, PAX, or the recent Wii U launch. When they dump a bunch of videos up at the same time, my podcast app ends up missing videos, which means I miss videos. Kinda defeats the purpose of RSS.

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Major Nelson says the update is mainly to make the TOS more readable. No big changes this time.