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I'm mostly asking because I only see the April tournament in these forums. I apologize if there's like some other community tournament forum. I haven't spent much time talking about games on the internet in the last couple years.

But yeah, if there aren't any going on, would people be up for one?

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@vierastalo: Really? I still see the messages, lol. It's still stickied at the top of General Discussions.

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I've downloaded two other podcast apps and they're terrible. One is Podcast Addicts and I forget the name of the other one, but either way, I sincerely miss using Beyond Pod. There are a ton of conveniences in Beyond Pod including a fantastic widget, effective search tools, and great placement for pause, skip, and rewind options, to name a few. I can't even find two of the five podcasts I listen to on other apps. I've found virtually zero points of improvement in either of these other apps and I'm 100% unwilling to buy a paid one because this is a need that I've had more than sufficiently met for years now, at no cost. I can't imagine what you'd get from a paid podcast app that you couldn't elsewhere.

I know this sounds like a major "first world problem" situation but using a podcast app in general is that. We could all just download the damn files and save them to a folder. But most of us choose to use these programs so I have to ask: how big a problem is this for you guys at GB at this time? The topic post says Giant Bomb was going to block the app two days later but I only saw that post about three days ago, so I'd been downloading through it for weeks since. Is it fixed? Am I somehow exempt since I manually download by pressing the download button on each podcast instead of setting them up to be pulled down automatically? Or did you guys unblock Beyond Pod?

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Possibly, but is that a thing? People hacking people to get their router's OS to change?

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I've been able to connect to it via wired connection. That's how I've been resetting my router. I do believe we're connecting to an unprotected Air OS router but no one around here knows who owns one. In my home we only have the one router. There are exactly three other houses within about a half mile. One is only maybe 200 yards from my house but... It just seems unlikely.

That said, yeah there has to be some mystery router for us to be connecting to a different one, right? We have a range extender to reach the third house in the area because a relative lives there. Would it be possible for a router near there to impact settings through the range extender and then to us?

Btw, it's a Netgear range extender so that's not our mystery Air OS device.

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@egg: That's something I've never heard before! Situation B sounds very likely. Where can I get this software?

I doubt it's option A since every single device is one this Air OS router permanently until I reset mine.

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Hey guys. I assume that you, like me, learned a lot about dealing with net issues while struggling to play video games. I'm not a part of any forums or things like that for home networks so I'm presenting this problem to you.

I have a fairly decent Asus router I've been using for about a year now. Until about two months ago it was perfect. Then I started having major lag on my phone, my PC, game consoles, and similar devices including those owned by the other three people in my home. So being somewhat net savvy, I attempted to access my router's setup OS using its IP address. It doesn't work. I get a page with an error. Eventually, I just checked cmd and found that I was connected to a different IP. Navigating to that one in my browser, I came to the setup page for an Air OS router. What's that about?

Since then I've reset my router twice. It returns to its default OS and IP address, and works without issue for about two days. Then one day, I'll notice tons of lag again, check the setup page, and it's back to the Air OS software on a different IP address. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I can't find anything similar searching Google.

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For a couple years (like most of last generation) I followed/discussed games online way more than I played any. Two things changed that, and both were in the summer of 2013. A) Final Fantasy XIV came out and was awesome - so awesome in fact, that I spent free moments at work researching the game, and all my free time at home playing it. Despite the anticipation I'd had for GTAV, the PS4, Battlefield 4, and other games that were coming that year, I never even thought about following those games online once I got into FFXIV.

B) After years of hearing how amazing The Witcher 2 was from podcasts and videos and reviews, I finally got my hands on it. I thought it was a terrible game. Definitely a 3 or 4/10 sort of deal, meaning I honestly didn't think it was even average. That experience made me realize that in a lot of ways, online game discussion can become a sort of hive mind thing where a general opinion forms about a game and it becomes an unwavering fact. Think about all the people who "know" FFXIII is a bad game and haven't ever played it. How often do people who haven't played X year's Call of Duty complain that each game is the same every year? Sources form an opinion bout a game and depending on how much we like or trust that source, it becomes fact to us. So being excited for, owning, and hating The Witcher 2 made me think of all that and I decided to just play stuff that seemed cool to me, before getting online to see what the world thought about those things. It's worked out well, helped me get through my back catalog, and lead to some fun realizations when I do go online and see how people feel about certain games (I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't the only person who was pleasantly surprised by how good Garden Warfare is).

More than anything though, it made me realize most games are really, really good.

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I don't plan to target new players only. There are lots of level 50 people out there with questions about unlocking things, gear itemization, how to do certain fights, macros, etc. And I appreciate the encouragement. That's a good way to look at it.