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For a couple years (like most of last generation) I followed/discussed games online way more than I played any. Two things changed that, and both were in the summer of 2013. A) Final Fantasy XIV came out and was awesome - so awesome in fact, that I spent free moments at work researching the game, and all my free time at home playing it. Despite the anticipation I'd had for GTAV, the PS4, Battlefield 4, and other games that were coming that year, I never even thought about following those games online once I got into FFXIV.

B) After years of hearing how amazing The Witcher 2 was from podcasts and videos and reviews, I finally got my hands on it. I thought it was a terrible game. Definitely a 3 or 4/10 sort of deal, meaning I honestly didn't think it was even average. That experience made me realize that in a lot of ways, online game discussion can become a sort of hive mind thing where a general opinion forms about a game and it becomes an unwavering fact. Think about all the people who "know" FFXIII is a bad game and haven't ever played it. How often do people who haven't played X year's Call of Duty complain that each game is the same every year? Sources form an opinion bout a game and depending on how much we like or trust that source, it becomes fact to us. So being excited for, owning, and hating The Witcher 2 made me think of all that and I decided to just play stuff that seemed cool to me, before getting online to see what the world thought about those things. It's worked out well, helped me get through my back catalog, and lead to some fun realizations when I do go online and see how people feel about certain games (I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't the only person who was pleasantly surprised by how good Garden Warfare is).

More than anything though, it made me realize most games are really, really good.

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I don't plan to target new players only. There are lots of level 50 people out there with questions about unlocking things, gear itemization, how to do certain fights, macros, etc. And I appreciate the encouragement. That's a good way to look at it.

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Yeah I'm not exactly sure how necessary it would be either. That's part of why I'm sort of gauging people's interest. On one hand, info is info, but on the other, not everyone is actively thinking "I could probably try to learn more about this game." I browsed the FFXIV Twitch streams and most of the level 50 players were using the default HUD. Jee. Zus.

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I'm considering launching a campaign of streams to try and help teach and inform players about the game. I don't have a monetized stream and I hope this doesn't count as advertising!

The idea came from randomly hopping around the Life With PlayStation app and seeing how many PS4 players are struggling to learn the game. I would love to help with interface stuff, hotbars, optimal PS4 controls, and game-specific stuff like how to play certain classes, beat certain content, etc. Of course, I can also help PC players. I'm also down to just chat with people about the game. Would any of you guys be interested?

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@therealmoot: I know! What the hell? Paradise sold gangbusters and they just decided, "Eh, good enough."? It's funny because the mentality we want is what leads to so many sequels which pisses everyone off (because people are dumb) but they drop one of the best games of the decade, a year's worth of huge, free DLC, and then just disappear. F*ckin' crazy.

In hindsight maybe they worked so hard supporting Burnout Paradise because they knew the franchise was over...?

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Gonna second the comment that you shouldn't use macros for combat. Personally, I have very, very few combat macros, playing endgame on multiple classes. Later on you'll want the freedom of choosing specific things for segments of fights. That said, these are things that shouldn't concern you too much at level 20. The first 50 levels of the game are mostly tutorial for the controls, combat roles, how to travel around the world, and of course for the story. The time to hone skills and optimize hotbars will certainly come.

Glad you're enjoying the game! I got into it at a time when I could barely find five hours per week to play video games and now I've played it more than any game in probably a decade. It's the best FF game, best MMO game, best PS4 game, and my personal favorite game of all time, hands-down.

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@snakelinksonic: I'm on Adamantoise. I run an FC and a linkshell so I can't leave my troops! If I ever make an alt, I'll be sure to hit you guys up.

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@snakelinksonic: This was fantastic. Until this point I'd never even checked to see if there was a FFXIV community on Giant Bomb. Ironic since my character's name is Keeng Taswell.

I'd love for the staff to play the game past 20 and see more of what makes it the best MMO ever (and possibly the best rpg in a generation) - or at least see why it does more new things than being pretty. If nothing else, the incredibly unlikely and wildly successful turnaround is the biggest video game news story no one talks about.

Edit: Awesome coincidence that my first post about my favorite game on my favorite site is my 1000th.

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I agree that it's a fantastic game and I think your connection to that event in your life is pretty cool. There are plenty of games (and platforms) that I have that sort of connection to so that was great to read. I may end up downloading that game. I don't think I've played it since renting it back in '98 and I know I never finished it. And you ain't lyin about that soundtrack.

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As the resident game enthusiast among my circle of people I spend time with and junk, I've been asked to evaluate the Wii version of the game. My...we'll call her sister-in-law wants to know if this game is worth keeping the Wii around for her young children for another Christmas or if it's significantly better on the PS3/360. Her kids have Skylanders for Wii and love it but now they're interested in Infinity which has all this fancy online stuff on the HD consoles. So how is the Wii version? Is it at least comparable?