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Well I looked through the thread and noticed that neither of these songs were on the list so I went on a vengeance quest and looked for the songs Vinny used while he was hosting the Bombcast late last year.

The "News Music" he uses on 10/22/2013 is Course Poursuite, and dood this song has me hopping every time I hear it, but I have no clue if it's been used before that instance.

And then when Vinny hosted again on 11/12/2013 he uses the song Houseboat.

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Its not really what Kanji did to his hair and what he stopped doing to it.

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Remember that you don't get new years if you don't clear Adachi's dungeon fast enough. That one got me on my first run through.

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To some degree, I think its a shame people are going going to pass up on the game. It's understandable, you have to be some sort of insane to pick up an entire console for one single game but the game your getting has a lot of content. Even coming from having watched the Endurance run I feel as if playing Persona 4 Golden gave me a whole new experience. Clocking in a grand total of +150 hours on my first run.

Finishing Golden has also given me more closure to any story I've probably ever been told to boot. I honestly feel I've gotten bang for my buck, and with the surprising amount of games I own that is playable on the vita I can say I don't regret buying it as much.