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@Colourful_Hippie said:

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

There is already a thread on this.

This. As for McShea I support the gist of his argument but I don't support him making Warfighter a scapegoat when this has been going on for a while now with other modern military shooters.


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When he first intervied the guy and said stupid shit like "when you die the game should be over" i mini-raged but this post by the same guy is a lot more relevant. Just read what he says and you dont have to agree with everything but he has a point, who decided that middle eastern people in general are nothing more than our enemies. Sounds pretty racist to me.

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I am a fan of the first star wars trilogy and then a handful of games from lucasarts and i really dont think that this is a smart thing to do unless they keep it in the star wars world but move away from the storyline of the skywalkers. We really didnt need to see what happened before the original story since it was all explained rather well, the prequals didnt add to the original story is what im trying to say.

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I am an atheist and i always start with a good guy which is basically how i would behave if i were in these situations (no random killing or stealing or cheating people out of their stuff) but after that "main character" i usually make another evil character if the game is good as is the case with bethesda games and bioware just to see how the difirent situation would have palyed out. But in a game like skyrim my first character doesnt denounce the divines because it is pretty evident that the world works in a much more spiritual plain and it has nothing to do with authority it just has to do with the truth of the matter.

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Patriotic? what the fuck does that even mean? Do you love your country or do you love the people in power. Do you even know what your countries military is truly up to? Do you even know what you would be fighting for? if you dont and trust me you really dont even if you think you do, its not worth your life. I dont feel that soldiers are evil in fact i do believe that they went into this direction believing that they were doing the right thing but time and time again we have been shown that what we are told is not always the truth and honestly who wants to die for a lie, a lie made by greedy businessmen for their own gain. Dont join unless you are sure your ideaoligies are aligned with the military.

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really? nice but i only have an xbox360... maybe later ill get a ps3 just for psn games, uncharted and last of us

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as far as the story goes the "main" characters would seem to be kasumi, ayane, hayabusa, hayate and helena.

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when ryu teleports SIDESTEP and then whoop his little loser ass for trying to get you with those newb moves in the first place.

Protip: if brad is lying down you can down grab him. so if he tries to rush you with the headbutt attack and you guard it immediately do a down grab.

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wow i agree so much on conkers bad fur day but i want the original uncensored.

Final fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD remake.

resident evil 1-3 hd remake.

silent hill 1-4.

The warriors

manhunt 1-2

chrono cross/trigger

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This game should be compared to the battlefield franchise rather than the call of duty franchise.

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