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"I'd like to go to that party thing!" Count me in!

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@hunkulese: I play Dota daily. Yes there a toxic players. Play WoW and get back to me.

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So Ryckert and a classmate got me back into WoW, the questing and leveling is crazy smooth and even the pvp is fun. One thing though, the rage. I have rarely seen the rage that I have witnessed in dungeons and pvp. You just feel dirty after some matches. "Retard," "noob," and "fuck" are probably the most used words in chat.

Even at low levels, (I'm rolling a warrior), if I screw up and aggro as a tank, the first thing out I see in the chat, "Hey retard." "Fucking uninstall," "Just quit noob." It's just about every match and dungeon.

I have gone out of my way to help new or returning players, even taking them to hard to find vendors and showing them pvp maps. I think it's fun to help out people who need it.

I would think a report system, a lot like Dota2 would be really helpful. LoL report system seems really empty, where people can just spam players for not being good, rather than being toxic. Where as Dota2 limits your ability to report and gives your report turn back if they find your complaint is legitimate. They are a billion dollar company, maybe they could afford to put some effort into this.

I'll probably post something on to see if they are thinking about this.

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I decided to start playing this again. I was playing this regularly 3 month ago. Now, for 2 days, playing almost all day, I have won 1 game. Matchmaking by levels does not work. My skill level is so far below what the people of the same are, I have zero chance of winning. I'm on the receiving end of perfect card combos and some ridiculous epic cards. More often than I like I'm at least down to 10 hp within the first few turns.

This hurts just a little extra because I have put a chunk of change into the game.

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There doesn't seem to be many ticket sales. There is a human on the other end that responded to my inquiry about 4 day badges for PAX. But it seems 90% are iphone chargers.

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there are three day tickets too

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Since badges are completely sold out, but tickets aren't? Is there some kind of mis-communication between companies?

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So I have tried starting this game every way possible. Fullscreen/Not, Controller/Not, Low settings, Update drivers. This game will not finish that first loading screen. I have yet to play this game...