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I have a sound bar connected to my Panasonic Veira TV and it seems like it has only one dedicated audio out. A digital audio out that looks infrared. I have no idea how to set up my wireless headphones to my TV if I even if I unplugged my sound bar, is there even an adapter (monoprice maybe?)

As popular as the Panasonic TVs were I am at a lose for finding a solution online.

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Old Ben Kenobi, just started.

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That's it, thanks

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It's the pixel art game that looks a lot like a duel joystick shooting. It's as little guy running around a desert shooting baddys.

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So I think I finally got the banter bug. My party has had a healthy amount of banter until about 4 hours ago. Is there any what to undo it or I'm I just done? I did do some research and found some people fixed it by fast traveling from the war table, but I'm thinking it's still bugged.

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Been through a few conversations now and I'm picking things that seem like polite or relevant questions and I'm coming off as a sarcastic ass. So I guess it's safe to assume that the bottom selection is the angry teenager response?

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I was playing on hard for about 25 hours and doing alright, cautious but fun. Now I can't get past a certain key story point since I keep getting wiped, completely. No matter the party. So I decided to switch to normal and start grinding out some levels. Now I'm getting completely wiped on rifts and certain parts of a map. What is going on?

Did my game glitch? On hard I would die from 2-3 shots form an arrow. Even on normal as a mage I, every single archer/ranged targets me even with tanks. Getting kind of ridiculous. Do I have to go further in the story and my character jumps to some super saiyan level or am I missing some amazing armor or crafting?

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So there is more levels and specializations. Thanks I'll stick with it.

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I started a Mage and 15 hrs in I feel so useless and really disconnected for he battle. It's getting pretty boring.

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They are sold out everywhere. Is there any legitimate sites out there that might have one?