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@lordseifer: I suggests you get off your soap box read through the whole post before you say that. It seems like you didn't even read the first post. I, and others, already made clear, there is more concerned about the lack of live shows because the site feels shutdown without them.

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@drainbamage: Yes everyone complains. But this post isn't about complaining. I'm asking what the plan is.

Of course I admire them, I've been here since arrow pointing down. Asking what their plans are is not out of line.

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When Brad started played DOTA2 I thought I would give it a try. Over the months I have put 35 hours and I wrote off the whole moba scene. UNTIL I played League of Legends, and it clicked. I haven't been this into a game since I was a teenager. I would impress on anyone to try out league of legends just for the heck of it. It's not all mobas that have an insane learning curve, it's just dota. I'd just say that Dota2 if VERY hard to pick up alone. You learn soooo slowly the mass amount counters, abilities, turn times, mana, stuns, etc.

I say Jeff should start playing League of Legends so he can continue to grief Brad.

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Who would ask for a refund at a time like this? It's salt in the wound.

The reason that I made the topic was, in fact, the site feels effectively retired without the live shows. Rather than starting things without their want, I would prefer a brief video or podcast explaining what their plans are. Instead of a depressed shrug.

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I REALLY like how the stats, weaknesses, planning and tactics are so involved with dota, but I'm solo. I have spent hours reading about how to play, practicing with bots and enjoying myself. But I have a horrible win/loss ratio because almost every game I'm in can be (and is) ruined by just one bad player and it happens far to often(auto-attacking, feeding, etc). I'm still very new to dota but I can see why LoL is more approachable since there isn't as much doom and gloom over picks and actions, especially for us that are new to mobas.

Am I off here? I'm I not taking enough time to level up in dota to get better match making? Give me a light at the end of this tunnel, because I can see really liking this game. Am I not looking in the right place. Is there a missing piece of the dota social circle that is keeping me from finding the right place?

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The cutscenes in the game are top notch, the best acting I've seen in a game. But the action is a painful grind of corridors, old stealth, and time consuming brain dead puzzles, its essentially manhunt. If you haven't played manhunt. It's a stealth game with janky stealth mechanicals and all the gameplay is the same exact sneaking stage. There is zero variety in this game.

Also a tick that just kept bugging me is all the puzzles were completely avoidable except that naughty dog decided that you couldn't climb up a very close ledge or move a single wood bar.

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What are the dumbest, or most common, mistakes that are made which can be easily avoided? In OCS, signing up, meeting with an OSO?

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I've been surfing eBay to see if I can nab some comics for a good price. I noticed that all the bids for used comics start only $5 under the NEW price on amazon. Then with the shipping it adds up to full price. Almost no one relies on the actual function of bidding is measuring the price by demand.

It's like they don't understand that ebay is the garage sale of the Internet. They're communists, destroying the free market. Or they're greedy morons.