getting close

Getting close to finishing up all of the Angel series minus the comic books, I need to know what to watch next. I'm gonna take a break from the joss wheadon shows and maybe jump to avatar the last airbender series. I watched a lot of it a few years ago and enjoyed it so why not finish it.

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I really don't understand the appeal anymore. Like I understand why people get addicted to them, but lately I've been so engrossed in single player games multiplayer games don't really appeal to me anymore. I still appreciate them but I've realized I started to become a much more solitary player. We'll see if that changes once I start playing my copy of battlefield I got for christmas that I still haven't started haha.

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First update in a bit

I haven't been on the site in what has felt like forever. I've gained a dangerous obsession to itouch games. Still working on zelda. Now that I'm home I can finally beat L.A Noire. I can't wait.

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Math dread

It's terrible how badly I am dreading this math test. I just want to get it done with and be done with math forever. I think I'll be with it though. I definitely studied my ass off. Can't wait to get home Tuesday so I can enjoy my summer start working, play some shows and play a ton of video games.

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staying in for the night, gonna relax in the room nurse a headache and try to get deeper into Zelda. I want to get past being a kid haha.

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