Space Cheese is the Best Cheese


Being as scatter-brained as I am, I cannot for the life of me recall which podcast or who even said it, but there was some harsh critcism of the old animted movie. It's understandable. It's cheesy, it was made to sell new toys because old ones weren't selling as well, and, damn, all that 80's music....but to say you can't get any enjoyment from it?
You're only allowed to say that if you bash Flash Gordan at the same time.
 and you would have to be a stone-cold heartless bastard to do that.
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Posted by Mrnitropb

Sounds like arthur geis from two Rebel Fm's ago, ripping the old Transformers movie, because it was a move to have cannonical reason to remove and add toys from the line, and crush the souls of children.

Posted by Kenshiro28

That was probably the one. I was thinking it was one of the 1Up podcasts (I could've sworn it was) but it was probably Rebel FM. Still a fine piece of 80's butt-rockin' sci-fi awesome regardless.